The Celtic Tree Month of Holly (Tinne)  July 8th until August 4th.


The Celtic Tree Month of Holly (Tinne)  July 8th until August 4th.


Holly has long been associated with death and rebirth in both Pagan and Christian lore and plays an important part of the Winter Solstice. In one Arthurian tale Gawain (representing the Oak King battles with the Green Knight who is armed with a holly club that is the symbol of winter. Both the Holly and the Oak are important during the Summer Solstice. During this time the Sacred White Horse of Oak transforms into the Unicorn of Holly. In ancient Rome holly was thought to ward against lightning strikes and keep witches away. It was also a popular gift to give friends during the Saturnalia, which was celebrated during the Winter Solstice.



Holly is an evergreen shrubby tree, easily recognized by it’s shiny dark green toothed leaves and blood red berries. This plant is considered POISONOUS and should not be ingested!! Holly was used for the crafting of wheel shafts for chariots and spear shafts as well. The wood of the holly is white and particularly fine grained and closely resembles ivory. The berries can be used to make dye



Holly can be used for spells rest, sleep and to ease the passage of death. Holly should also be used when attracting a familiar. It is said that a man who carries a bag of holly leaves and berries will attract women. It is also said that the ancient Druids advised people to take holly boughs into their homes during the cold season as shelter for the fairies and other little people.



Those born during this month are strongly connected to the earth and can have amazing physical strength. Their matter of fact solidness and generous spirit is admired and respected by others. Holly people also tend to be very religious or spiritual in an advanced way, and they are usually the last to see it. They are honest, hardworking, truthful and pretty tolerant of most situations. They are the person you want on your side during a fight, if the cause is just one. They see both sides of an argument and will only take sides if they have to.

As a magickal name Holly is very festive and would be good for a sexy and attractive person. Someone who chooses this name knows they have a temper and can become “prickly” when crossed.




Folk Names for Holly: Tinne (evergreen)
Element: Earth
Deities: Dana, Nuada, Gaia, Ceres, Persephone, Thor, Indra

Ogham symbol: Tinne
Associated Tree: Holly
Colors: Dark Gray
Animals: War Horse
Key Word: Balance

Written by CatSister/LBolotin 2010 from the following resources:
The New Book of Magickal names by Phoenix McFarland
Flower and Tree Magic by Richard Webster

Autumn Holly Photo by Paul Griffiths./




June’s Full “Strawberry Moon (6-27/28)


Full Strawberry Moon

June 27-28, 2018  9:53 pm PST/ 10:53 pm MST/12:53 am EST

The Old Farmers Almanac calls this moon The Strawberry Moon. The name comes from the Algonquin tribes of the Eastern US and honors the ripening of the wild strawberries or “heart berries”. They are considered one of the “fruits of love”. There is a Cherokee tale that goes like this;

Long ago, the Great Spirit made First Woman and First Man. They soon became husband and wife and everything was good. Then one day something bad happened and they began to argue, angry words were spoken and feelings were hurt. First Woman grabbed up some of her belongings and said that she was leaving and would find somewhere else to live. First Man was angry too and at first did not follow. After a while he regretted his harsh words and went after her to apologize. But she was so far ahead that he could not catch her.

He called upon the Great Spirit for help. “Answer me this” replied the Great Spirit “Is your soul one with hers?” “Yes!” First Man answered, “it has been sine you first breathed life into us!” Seeing the mans grief the Great Spirit took pity upon him and did his best to slow First Woman down. He created bushes full of tempting berries that grew at her feet as she walked. Gooseberries, Service Berries, Huckleberries and Blackberries, but the woman kept walking and paid no attention. The Great Spirit was suddenly struck with an idea. He went into his garden and grabbed up some strawberry plants and threw them to the earth. The little plants landed at First Woman’s feet and began to bloom and then came the berries! The bright red berries drew her attention and she stopped to taste one and one led to another. As she ate the berries her anger was forgotten and suddenly she longed for her husband. Rummaging through her things she found a basket and filled it with berries.

First Man was hurrying along the path when suddenly he saw First Woman coming toward him and smiling. he never got to apologize, his wife popped a strawberry in his mouth and taking his hand…. led him home.

It is also a good time to do any workings that maintain or enhance what you already have (ie. jobs, relationships, home. garden). Do a little for yourself as well by wearing the warm colors of yellow ,orange and gold to brighten your outlook or wear, meditate on or work with stones like topaz (recharges and aligns meridians) and agate (grounding on all levels, stabilizing the aura)

Full Moon Blessings to All!

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The Magickal Herbs of Midsummer



The Magickal Herbs of Midsummer

Fairy Offering: Sprinkle Sage or Vervain mixed with tobacco around your garden as an offering to the elemental’s and fairies who help things grow.

Chamomile: This sun herb can be used to protect your home from dark powers.

Chickweed: This love herb can be used to attract or improve an existing  relationship.

Chickory: This sun herb is used to over come obstacles, and win the favor of important people.

Cinquefoil: Use this herb for protection, purification and for abundance.

Delphinium (larkspur): Use this herb to gain selfless skills of leadership. If you gaze at the Midsummer fire through a bunch of delphinium it is said to strengthen your eyes.

Dogwood: This herb is used for protection.

Elder flower: This fairy flower can be used in wish fulfillment spells and blessings of people, places and things. This is a sacred fairy tree and it is said that the Elder Mother, a powerful dryad who lives in the Elder, will haunt any person who cuts down one of her trees. The stems of this tree plant are used to make panpipes and if you stand or sleep beneath an Elder you will see the King of the Fairies and his court go by.

Fennel: Use this herb in the Midsummer bonfire and if you hang it in your home it will bring health and protection.

Lavender: Use this herb in the Midsummer bonfire as an offering to the Lady and Lord. It can be used in love spells to attract men and if placed in the home promotes joy, peace, and healing.

Male Fern: This plant is said to attract women. It also brings luck and, if you burn it indoors it is said to bring rain.

 Meadowsweet: This fragrant plant is used for bridal bouquets and in love spells.

Mugwort: Crowns of this plant were traditionally made and worn at Midsummer. It is the protective herb of travelers and works against fatigue, wild animals, evil spirits and sunstroke. Made into tea it is said to bring prophetic visions and can help with scrying. Use the tea to cleanse mirrors and crystal balls.

Pine: Use for peace.

Rose: Traditional herb for love.

St. Johns Wort: This herb is picked at Midsummer and dried over the Midsummer fire. It is a powerful protective plant that help keep evil from your home. The scent of this plant will cause evil spirits to flee. It is the custom in Brittany to pray and ask for permission to harvest this plant. It should always picked with the left hand. With your white handled knife loosen the dirt around the plant and then pull the whole thing from the ground. The roots should be intact. This herb symbolizes the dismemberment of the god and considered a sacrifice.

Source: A Druids Herbal For The Sacred Earth Year by Ellen Evert Hopman

Herb Photo courtesy of


Celtic Tree Month of Oak- June 10-July 7



Celtic Month of Oak- June 10 -July 7

“Under yonder oaken tree,
Whose branches oft me shaded;
Elves and fairies dance with glee,
When day’s last beam hath faded:
Then while the stars shine brightly…”
(tradional welsh air circa 1870’s)

OAK TREE LORE Many cultures held the oak tree sacred. The Greeks and Romans viewed this tree as a symbol of power and endurance. They were the associated with the Greek deities Artemis, Hecate, Zeus and Cybele. In Rome, Jupiter and Juno were Lord and Lady of the Oak, and each year the celebration of their union was held in an oak grove. The Norse god Thor was also Lord of the Oak. In Scandinavia this tree was called the “thunder tree and people kept oak branches in their homes to protect against lightening strikes. Germanic tribes and Anglo-Saxon people also honored the oak as did many Native American tribes. The ancient Celts also held the oak sacred. To the ancient Druids, the oak was the most sacred tree in the grove. It was a powerful symbol of the wheel of the year, and called the king of the forest. Groves of oak trees were considered sacred ground and to damage an oak tree carried a penalty of death. Part of the reason that this tree was given such respect was due to the trees size, life span and it’s production of an important staple food……….acorns. The acorn is claimed to be mans first food. Acorns are tasty and plentiful and can be eaten as they are or ground into flour. When needed they can also be fed to hogs and other animals. The word “door” comes from the Celtic word for oak, “Duir” . Oak doors are still popular today because they are solid and long lasting. It is also part of the bardic alphabet, Ogham. The Druids also found help for their divination and meditation rites in these groves. From the wind in the oak leaves and the birds that lived in the trees they were said to gain great insight and be given messages from the gods. Oak groves were gathering places, where the Druids would teach students, draw strength and hold meetings, rites and gatherings. It is also the personification of the Celtic Tree of Life as it appeared to live in lower, middle and upper worlds simultaneously. The oak tree was associated with the thunder god Taranis due to it’s ability to attract lightning.


In ancient healing practices the oak also had it’s uses. Antiseptic was made from the acorns, while juice from the leave could be applied to a wound for the same purpose. A remedy made from the inner bark eased a sore throat, while one from the outer bark would reduce fever. The bark itself also produces “tannin” which is important in the tanning of leather.

acorn-1185418 OAK TREE IN MAGICK In ritual and magick oak can be used for protection, stability, strength and success. It has long been the custom to carry a piece of lightning struck oak for protection. This custom is still in use in the British Isles today. Acorns are traditionally carried for fertility and should be gathered at night for this purpose. An acorn should be planted during the dark of the Moon to bring money, and if you catch a falling oak leaf you will be free of illness all winter. Purification can be performed by burning oak leaves and oak galls or serpents eggs are powerful talismans. Since we are coming up on Litha, it is good to point out that oak logs were traditionally burned on this Sabbat.


People who are born during this Tree Month are generally self motivated and determined. They also carry responsibility well. They are born leaders and know how to handle a crisis. They also tend to be a bit on the serious side but are cheerful and optimistic none the less.

For a man looking for a strong magickal name Oak is a good choice. It symbolizes strength, fertility and majesty.

OAK CORRESPONDENCES Folk Names for Oak: Jobe’s Nuts, Tanner’s Bark and Juglans Element: Fire Deities: All Thunder Gods (Zeus, Thor, Taranis), Lugh, the Dagda, Hecate, Herne, Rhea, Cybele, Artemis, Jupiter, Juno, Dagda, Hercules, Llyr Ogham symbol: Duir Associated Tree: Oak Colors: Dark Brown and Black Animals: Lion, Salamander, Horse (white) Key word: Protection Written by CatSister/LBolotin 2010 from the following resources: The New Book of Magickal names by Phoenix McFarland Flower and Tree Magic by Richard Webster Angel Oak photo from


May’s Full “Flower Moon (5-29-18)



May’s Full “Flower Moon”

May 29, 2018 at  7:20 am PST / 8:20 am MST / 10:20 am EST


“Dancing midst the flowers beneath the full moon’s light,
the wee folk tend the gardens on this soft spring night.”

May is the time when flowers seem to be everywhere and is most likely why the Native Americans called this months full moon the “Flower Moon”.

This full moon keeps the spring theme of new beginnings and fertility rolling. Everywhere you look there is new growth. This is a great time to sow seeds in both your outdoor and inner gardens. Career, finance and prosperity are good areas to concentrate on for new beginnings. This month which started with the fire sabbat of Beltane is still keeping things burning. Lust, passion and renewed vigor put a bounce in our step as we move toward the new things this moon has to offer.

To celebrate this fiery month and full moon, wrap yourself in reds, oranges and yellow or wear warm stones like amber, garnet and ruby. Take special care to nourish your inner garden this month. If you set intentions or thought seeds for yourself last month, remember to take steps to help them grow and move forward.

On a very light note, I have been “asked” to remind everyone that brings out the garden fairies! This Full Flower Moon is a wonderful time to welcome the “Wee Folk” in your home and yard. This is a great activity particularly for children. Leave gifts of pretty stones, crystals, shiny beads and other glittery objects in your flower beds and planters. Hang small decorations in your trees and shrubs. The Fae appreciate gifts and love to be remembered!

“On the breeze their laughter floats and magic fills the air,
unveiling nature’s treasure, her gifts with you they share.” (c) Cat 2008)

2018 LBolotin/CatSister

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The Muse of Beltane by Michele Geyer


The Muse of Beltane
By Michele Geyer

Considered the Great Holiday by the Celts, Beltane is a time of purification, fertility & celebration. It is the midpoint between the Equinox and Solstice, the transition from Winter into Summer. The veil between the worlds is thin again at Beltane; the male & female energies are united and balanced; the beasts are put to pasture and the May Pole is driven into the Earth as a symbol of both fertility, and the sacred union between Heaven & Gaia.

As Queen of the Faeries, Rhiannon is the inspiration and muse for lovers, writers, musicians and artists. As a Celtic shaman herself, she moves between the worlds on her white horse, carrying those who are dying or taking soul’s journeys into the land of remembering and rebirth. Rhiannon left her Faery Kingdom, choosing to participate in the Sacred Marriage with a human Prince. Upon the birth of their first child she fell prey to betrayal & humiliation, ultimately being cast out of her husband’s family. Through her travails, in her own shamanic journey, she learned forgiveness & humor, rising to the high throne of amusement as one of the primary Goddesses of Beltane.

We call on you now, Rhiannon. You are the Divine Queen of the Faeries, Moon Goddess, otherworldly shape-shifter and songstress of all hearts.

The daffodils and narcissus reach out and wave to you as you float by. The cedars, the pines and other grandfathers of the forest bow to your lightness of being; the wind sings your name as the hummingbirds carry your sweet nectar, infusing and fertilizing the sage and rosemary scents of your essence. The smells of the Mother, her nature and rhythms, waft through the night while you dance with the elementals under the light of the bright full moon.

Come to us on your white horse, so elusive and swift, gowned in your dress made of golden threads. Come to us Rhiannon, shifting shapes and walking between worlds, you emerge in time to see us grow and expand like the true seedlings of Spring. You watch us through your bitter-salty tears of grief and forgiveness; reminding us, awakening us to what is valued in nature and the realms of your Otherworld.

You guide us to recall our memories of more magical times, of our connection to the elementals and others in the Faery world. You are the inspiration for all human creations: our music, our poetry, our prose and art.

Living with one foot in our world and another in your own, you remain clear on your course as you enchant every living being on both sides of the veil. You, the virgin huntress, your equal the horned stag.

Even as you have co-created this Great Marriage, you give up no power, commanding the sacred rights, the meeting of two, right where you are–integrated and strong; vulnerable and courageous, giving and receiving, the fountain of Yin and Yang flowing from your heart.

He follows you almost obsessively, never quite catching up; so swiftly you elude him and his army of men. When he finally puts his external forces to rest, he calls out your name. Like a firefly, you are instantly available, teasing and wondering why he tried so in vain to chase you in the first place.

Your Horned Stag now patiently awaits his Maiden Queen to guide him through the mists, slipping under the veils into a world he’s never known. It’s ecstasy he finds and his desires thirst no more, as you are his match, his mate, his familiar, and his true reflection. You are his and he is yours.

How committed you are to the Goddess on both sides. What do you offer, how do you receive and embrace the rhythms of her waves, her Moon, her Sun and her constant state of turning as you are here and there both? Will you embrace the cycles of the Mother in human form, or will you disappear into the mists forever?

Speak to us now, Rhiannon; teach us your elegance, your choices, your journey and rebellion, your commitment to the lineage of our mundane world. Speak to us of your emptiness, though we see your cup is filled to overflowing with the Divine.

How do you remain amused when betrayal knocks thrice, when you have lost your child so dear? How do you live, punished, humiliated and demeaned in this cage, enslaved by mortal fears? How do you carry this burden so boldly, so accepting and so humbly exposing yourself to the illusion of human royalty?

How do you forgive the accusers who cast you out of their homes, dismembering you of your dignity and birth right as Queen? Until near death you retained your humor, your wisdom and love for your King.

Oh great and sacred Queen, you remember yourself well as your love and support for those in crisis vanquishes the pain of your past. With this purity, you need never long for emergence, it is anchored within you for eternity. You readily serve those who house you with the dogs, and with sincerity and gratitude you accept their harsh gifts, all the while holding your sovereignty throughout lifetimes as High Priestess and sage.

We watch you here in this form, as you gracefully, joyfully sweep us onto your back, carrying us off to meet ourselves in full bloom to know our muse, our brilliance and our balance. We learn by your compassion to see only favor as we dance in the Moonlight, like you, we are hopeless no more. Thank you Rhiannon, for your mystical song, your poems of self-love as the Goddess fills our hearts with the tiny drops of joy and enthusiasm brought specially to us by the hummingbirds of your Spring.

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Article Source: [] The Muse of Beltane


April’s Full “Wind” Moon


April’s Full “Wind” Moon

April 29, 2018 at 5:58 PST/6:58 MST/8:58 pm EST

The wild and windy March once more
Has shut his gates of sleet,
And given us back the April-time,
So fickle and so sweet.
-Alice Cary (1820-71)

During this full moon we are lured to provocative thoughts of warm days and spring flowers. We see a decrease of the march snows which give way to April showers and windy days. As the wind blows it joyfully spreads last seasons seeds. From these seeds comes growth and new life. Already we are seeing the first flowers leaves of the season. The Old Farmers Almanac calls this the Full Pink Moon because the first grass pink and ground phlox was beginning to grow. Other names for this moon are Seed Moon, Wind Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon

Like the full moon of March the April moon is the perfect time to nurture new beginnings. Plans and ideas that you have been thinking about starting can germinate and grow if you start now. The time has come to take action and make things happen. It is particularly good for love and adopting or conceiving a child.

To celebrate this full moon bright primary colors are the pick of the day and Sacred Stones like Selenite, Moonstone, Angelite, Celestite and Quartz Crystal are the perfect adornments. Springtime flower scents like violet, hyacinth and other florals can add a special touch as well.

Tonight  Full moon near Jupiter : Look up! You’ll see a very bright “star” – really the planet Jupiter – near the full moon.

Full Moon Blessings!