A Test: Cat’s Angel Message for December 23, 2019

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A Test: Cat’s Angel Message for December 23, 2019

December’s Theme: It’s time to be proactive about replacing the old with the new. This is more easily done by allowing yourself to use your natural abilities and creativity and by surrounding yourself with love and laughter.

A faith that hasn’t been tested can’t be trusted. – Adrian Rogers

1223:  We work with faith every day and sometimes even the most steadfast believers can find their faith being tested. So today the Universe has asked the Ascended Masters to step in and give us a helping hand. Remember that many of the Ascended Master’s walked the earth in human form so they have an intimate knowledge of the problems we face particularly when it comes to faith. We have the skills and abilities we need to make great things happen and transform our lives to fit the vision we have for them. Although sometimes we need a little extra help in making the best choices and decisions with what we currently have to work with. The Ascended Masters are here to help us realize this and to give us a boost in the faith department. Even if there are no pressing issues today their presence and loving energy can be very uplifting. Today is also a great time to clear your energy field as this will allow their energy and guidance to fill your heart and spirit!

The Ascended Master Maitreya (Laughing Buddha) helps us to find peace and harmony through laughter, this gives us a clear perspective and keeps our energy flowing. He tells us that laughter is sacred and when the heart is alive with joy we are connected to the Infinite and filled with Nirvana-essence. Center your mind with the intent of enjoying yourself and you will find yourself centered in the moment. Enjoy what life has to offer and enjoy the process!

The Ascended Master Solomon helps us to take what we are given and make the most of it. He teaches us how to do things more efficiently as he guides us through difficult situations. Focus and efficiency help us in our quest for personal evolution and help create the necessary stepping stones we need to move ahead.

The Ascended Master Jesus helps us with all areas of faith and teaches us that true miracles often come in small packages. He also provides a clear and direct line of communication to the Divine as well as teaching us how to open up to receive divine information.

Our Sacred Stones for today include:

Chrysocolla. This powerful blue-green stone helps us during periods of change and challenging times. It brings smooth transitions and helps us to accept change with serenity and calm. It helps us to be more self aware and self confident that inspires both creativity and motivation.

Moss Agate. This gentle stone promotes new beginnings and releases the blocks that are keeping us from moving forward. It also helps us to connect to nature and the earth which is essential for the ground-clear-center process that we are working on today.

Sunstone brings personal empowerment and fights procrastination. It brings out our natural optimism, self confidence and promotes our natural flow of abundance as it soothes our fear of change and the accompanying stress that change can bring.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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