Cat’s Morning Bits for April 16, 2020

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Cat’s Morning Bits for April 16, 2020

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


April Events & Holidays

April 22 Earth Day

April 22 New Moon at 7:25 pm PST/ 8:25 pm MST/ 10:25 pm EST

April 23 Ramadan

April 24 Arbor Day

April 30 Walprgis Night


In the springtime: April violets glow
In wayside nooks, close clustering into groups,
Like shy elves hiding from traveller’s eye.
-Thomas Buchanan Read (1822-72)


Spirit Library: Accepting Your New Being 9a message from Brenda Hoffman)

Dear Ones,

This is a new day, for you no longer have a need to follow the dictates or even interests of others. The result is belligerence that surprises even you.

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ThoughtCo: 9 Magic Healing Herbs for Rituals

Many Pagans – and others – use herbs as a tool in their magical arsenal. While not every herb is safe to ingest – and be sure to read about Dangerous Herbs before you get started – many of them are used in a magical or folkloric context to bring about healing.

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MBG: The 12 Universal Laws & How To Practice Them

We’ve all heard of the law of attraction—but what about the law of polarity, the law of divine oneness, or the law of correspondence? That’s right—the law of attraction is just one of the 12 universal laws, and getting familiar with the other 11 can help us unlock a more spiritually aligned life.

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Daily Dream Meaning: Ice

1. To put ice into a drink indicates that perhaps the dreamer is spending too much time indulging in pleasures and not enough on practical matters. However, to be surrounded by ice, or to sit on it, implies comfortable living ahead that has been well earned.
2. Slipping on ice or falling through thin ice implies difficulties and obstacles ahead, while deliberately breaking through ice indicates new friendships. Remember the metaphor, “breaking the ice”?
3. Skating on ice alone indicates success ahead, but skating with a partner COULD mean that someone is sabotaging your efforts. Or it could mean a successful partnership. To judge which it is, look to other symbols in the dream.


Today’s DIY: Purification and Home Blessing Shaker Jar Spell


Elephant Journal: If it Doesn’t Flow, Let it Go.

Do you feel overwhelming resistance coming at you from all directions?
From within, from without?

Everyone trying to cling on to normality whilst wondering, waiting for when and if life will get back to “normal.”

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MNN: After a 240-year hiatus, white-tailed eagles are coming back to southern England

For centuries, there’s been an eagle-shaped hole in the skies over England where the majestic white-tailed eagle once soared. The enormous raptor — its wingspan stretches nearly eight feet — was hunted to extinction some 240 years ago.

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EarthSky News: Leo loses his tail. We gain a constellation

The Greek-Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy and others considered these stars the tuft at the end of Leo the Lion’s tail. Coma Berenices remained part of Leo until a few hundred years ago, when it was first listed as a separate constellation.

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Patheos-Pagan: Lift Your Personal Power, Health, and Success with Herbs of the Sun

Herbs of the Sun: angelica, ash, bay, calendula, chamomile, celandine, eyebright, frankincense, juniper, mistletoe, rosemary, saffron, safflower, Saint-John’swort, sunflower, tormentilla, walnuts

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Pagan Playlist: Faun – Federkleid (Kuş Tüyleri) Lyrics Türkçe Çeviri


Inner Journey: There’s Hope

“No matter how painful our early experiences were, our Essence cannot be harmed. Our Essence is waiting for the opportunity to reveal itself. In a very true sense, we are waiting for the opportunity to become ourselves. Our spirit is yearning to break free, to express itself …

“And yet, ironically, we always fear and resist opening to that which is most real in us. When we trust in the process and give ourselves over to it, however, our true nature comes forth. The result is real integrity, love, authenticity, creativity, understanding, guidance, joy, power, and serenity-all of the qualities we are forever demanding that personality supply.”
— Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

A Note from the Universe

The thing to remember to always remember, is that what you do, or don’t do, today, is what matters most.

Start your engines,

The Universe

Today’s Recipe: Homemade Salad Dressings

When it comes to flavor, homemade salad dressings win over store bough dressings any time. With a few great tips, you can whip up great additions to healthy salads and they can double as great marinades for poultry, fish, and meats as well.

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Magical Correspondences for Thursday

Magickal Intentions: Luck, Happiness, Health, Legal Matters, Male Fertility, Treasure and Wealth, Honor, Riches, Clothing Desires, Leadership, Public Activity, Power and Success Incense: Cinnamon, Must, Nutmeg and Sage
Planet: Jupiter
Sign: Sagittarius and Pisces
Angel: Sachiel
Colors: Purple, Royal Blue and, Indigo
Herbs/Plants: Cinnamon, Beech, Buttercup, Coltsfoot, Oak
Stones: Sugilite, Amethyst, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire
Oil: (Jupiter) Clove, Lemon Balm, Oakmoss, Star Anise
Jupiter presides over Thursday. The vibrations of this day attune well to all matters involving material gain. Use them for working rituals that entail general success, accomplishment, honors and, awards, or legal issues. These energies are also helpful in matters of luck, gambling, and prosperity.

Daily Wisdom
April 16, 2020

“My parents were both, in their way, very loving and indulgent. Just the fact that I had the presumption to become an artist is rather ridiculous, isn’t it, with no qualifications except that I felt treasured as a child.”

-John Updike
The power and influence that adults can have on children is simply amazing. We can look back on our lives and see which adults have helped us, through their love and support and encouragement, to grow in our chosen careers. And it’s not so much the career that is supported and encouraged, but the person. It’s the Wholeness – seeing and knowing that this person is treasured for who they are, without imposing any qualifications on what this person wants to do.

-Lissa Coffey


Daily Tarot: Temperance

Instinct and impulsive action will cause more trouble than they can solve today, so spend more time reasoning things out and being careful about what you say and do. Asking questions is a good idea. It will get you information you need, and show how thorough, bright, and capable you are. It might take a bit longer, but it will save time and effort in the end.

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