February’s Full “Quickening” Moon (Feb. 27, 2021) *

February’s Full “Quickening” Moon

Feb. 27: Full Moon at 12:17 am PST/ 1:17 am MST/ 3:17 am EST

Light-Rebirth-new Beginnings

On Saturday, February 27th we celebrate the “Quickening Moon”. Other names for this moon are the Trappers Moon, Budding Moon, Moon When Trees Pop, Ice Moon, Storm Moon, Hunger Moon, Horning Moon, Big Winter Moon. The first signs of spring are beginning to show and you actually feel the earth waking up. The energy is dense and slow, it’s a time for new life and rebirth. At this time of year people are tired of being cooped up. They miss the light and warmth of the sun and like the sleeping plants find themselves reaching for a new beginning.

from MindBodyGreen: 6 Ways To Organize Your Life With The Upcoming Full Snow Moon In Virgo

Mission: simplicity. The 2021 Virgo full moon on Saturday, February 27 (at 3:17 a.m. EST) helps us pare down to the basics. Minimalism might not be the goal, but learning to live with less can be so liberating! Read more…..

This moon is a good time for magical workings that involve focus on personal advancement and achievement. On a personal level work on plans for your future. What do you hope for and what dreams do you hold inside yourself? These are the things to consider as you set goals for yourself. The key is to be willing to accept responsibility for past mistakes and be mature enough to let them go and move on. Dare to dream and hope as you look into the future. To honor this moon try wearing colors in shades of blue and purples and adorn yourself with sacred stones like rose quartz, amethyst and earthy jaspers.



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