Imbolc Correspondences

Imbolc Correspondences

Date: February 2

Names: Imbolc, Imbolg, Oimealg, Brids day

Imbolc is a Greater or White Sabbat

It symbolizes fire and purification, the quickening of the earth, and flows of milk for the young Sun God.

This is a time for initiation, dedication, re-affirmation, and burning the Yule greens.

Colors for Imbolc:

White, yellow, or light blue

Herbs and Incense for Imbolc:

Bay, basil, benzoin, angelica, myrrh, blackberry, celandine, heather, iris, violet

Food and Drink for Imbolc:

Dairy products, raisins, creamy soups, olives, leeks/shallots.

White wine, milk, soy milk, or water

Imbolc is the festival of “When the ewes lactate” and is the mid-point of the dark part of the year. Brigid’s fire that she kindled at Yule is now evident in the pregnancy of the herd animals and the fullness of their udders. It also celebrates the waiting bride of the Sun God.

Farm tools are consecrated at this time of year, home fires are put out, and relit as are the smithy fires, both are blessed.

This is the time to make Brigid’s crosses for yourself and for others as protective charms for the home. Brigid’s snake emerges from the Earth Mothers’ womb to see what the weather will be– if this sounds familiar, it should as this is the origin of Groundhogs Day!

If you made a corn dolly for Lughnasadh, you should make a bride’s bed on the evening of Feb 1st. She should be dressed in white or blue and placed in a basket near the hearth. The Celts would toss nuts into the basket as fertility symbols.

The lighting of a Candle Wheel ( an evergreen wreath that holds candles) is a form of sympathetic magick to lure the sun back to us.

**Note ** As with any ritual using candles please use caution and never leave them unattended.


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