Celtic Tree Month of Ash/ Nuin Feb. 18-March 17


Celtic Tree Month of Ash/ Nuin runs from Feb. 18-March 17


Plant Information:

The mighty ash tree can grow up to 130 feet in height and is found in Europe and North America. It is a member of the Olive family. This tree will stop growing when it reaches approximately 60 years old, it is believed that by that time the tree has obtained its full growth potential. Ash trees are easily recognized by their black buds, small springtime flower clusters, and the inch-long winged seeds that stay on the tree until autumn when they fly off like helicopters. The leaves of this tree grow in multiple oval leaflets and provide some nice orange to purple fall color.

Ash is a hardwood tree and its wood is strong, flexible shock resistant. It is for these reasons that it is used for making boat oars, ax handles, sports equipment, and wagon wheels. Ash was also a favorite of the ancient Celts who used it for spear shafts while the ancient Egyptians used ash wood for bows and arrows, and had great quantities of it imported.

Ash spears were considered a powerful magical tool of Celtic Shamans, even more so than the wand. It was a symbol of the Shaman’s strength of will and personal power.


Ash Lore:

The Celts associated the ash tree with the sea and the underwater kingdom of Tethys. It is also associated with the underworld and sacrificial deities, representing leading the soul into the afterlife. Celtic myth calls ash the tree of enchantment and it is said the Welsh Magus Gwydion made his wands from its wood. Druid wands were made of ash as are the pipestems of the sacred Lakota pipes.

This tree also appears in Norse myth as the world tree Yggdrasil, World Tree, or Cosmic Ash. This tree spans the universe. Roots deep into the earth and the heavens supported by its mighty branches. The ash tree was seen as spanning the world and the world within each person. The ancient Druid phrase ” Know yourself and you will know the world” pretty well sums it up. It also shows us how we are linked with the world around us.

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In Magic

In Magic, the ash tree (wood, leaves, seeds) can be used in the following spells (charms, etc.), creative endeavors, protection, attracting things, love, healing, fertility, and transitions.

Charms of ash wood were used for protection against storms and drowning. It was also used as a love charm. You were to place an ash leaf in your left shoe and then you would be sure sure to meet your future spouse. Double leaves were lucky as were leaves with equal sections on both sides of the center leaf vein. However, you would be unlucky in love if the ash tree on your land didn’t grow seeds every year.

Magical tools were also created from this tree. Ash spears were considered a powerful magical tool of Celtic Shamans, even more so than the wand. It was a symbol of the Shaman’s strength of will and personal power. Wiccans and Pagans traditionally use it for making Besom handles.

As a magical name, Ash is perfect for a true warrior and leader, one who is comfortable with themselves and their abilities. It is generally thought of as a man’s name but could also be used for a strong woman.

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Ash People

People born in the month of Ash tend to be ambitious but with an egotistical side. They also tend to be overachievers and need to be the best in everything they do. They do not care for criticism earned or not which makes them highly sensitive. On the upside, they are reliable, intelligent with artistic talent, and make faithful lovers. Ash people also seem to have a dual personality which makes it hard for others to understand their true nature and motives behind their actions.


Correspondences for Ash:

Names: Venus of the Woods, Tree of water, Hoop ash
Deities: Eostre, Frigg, Frey, Dagda, Odin, Hel, Llyr, Poseidon
Sacred Stones: Quartz Crystal, Coral
Animals: Butterfly, Snipe, Crane, White Hound, Snake.
Element: All
Spells: Strength, Protection, Prosperity, Healing
Color: Green, pale blue

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