Cat’s Morning Bits for April 1, 2022

Cat’s Morning Bits for April 1, 2022

Good Morning Beautiful Souls! Grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


April Quotes

“And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast
rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.”

  • Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Sensitive Plant


April 2022 Events

April 1 April Fools Day/ New Moon at 11: 24 pm PST/ 12:24 am MST/ 2:24 am EST

April 15 Celtic Tree Month of Willow begins

April 16 Full Wind Moon at 11:55 am PST/ 12:55 pm MST/ 2:55 pm EST

April 17 Easter

April 19 Sun enters Taurus

April 22 Earth Day

April 30 Solar Eclipse 4:28 pm EST

May 1 Beltane / May Day


Spirit Library: April 2022 Energies – Freedom
Jamye Price

The accompanying video to this article can be found here.

We are in a time of the spiral flow tightening, speeding and intensifying the gravitational pull to change. This brings necessary re

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How to Make a Spell Jar for Weight Loss – Herbal Grimoire Page, Weight Loss Spell – Magical Crafting


April Birthstone : Diamond
Birthstone Color: White, Clear

April’s birthstone is remarkably simple in composition, yet stunning in its unique ability to reflect and refract light into vivid flashes of brilliant color. The ancient Hindus called the Diamond “Vajra,” meaning lightening, both because of the sparks of light thrown off by this gem as well as its invincible strength. The Diamond is harder than any other substance on earth.

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MBG: How Your Birth Time Impacts Your Moon Sign, According To Astrologers

If you’ve ever studied your astrological birth chart, you know the time of day you were born has a big influence, particularly on your rising sign. But did you know whether you were born during the day or night has a significant impact on your moon sign too? Here, astrologers explain.

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April Correspondences

Nature Spirits: Plant Faeries
Herbs: Basil; Chives; Dragons Blood; Geranium & Thistle
Colours: Crimson Red & Gold
Flowers: Daisy & Sweetpea
Scents: Bay; Bergamot; Patchouli & Pine
Stones: Ruby; Garnet & Sard
Trees: Pine; Bay & Hazel
Animals: Bear & Wolf
Birds: Hawk & Magpie
Deities: Anahita; Bast; Ceres; Hathor; Ishtar; Kali & Venus
Power Flow: Balance to the Nerves; Check Anger; Creating and Producing; Self Confidence & Take advantage of opportunities

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April Birth Flowers: Daisy
The Daisy is the flower bringer of good fortune and blissful pleasure.

It is thought that the name “daisy” is a corruption of “day’s eye”, because the whole head closes at night and opens in the morning.

The most common characteristic of all these plants, is that what in common parlance might be called a “flower”, is an inflorescence or flower head; a densely packed cluster of many small, individual flowers, usually called florets (meaning “small flowers”) .Often considered a weed on lawns, though many also value the appearance of the flowers. Several cultivars and hybrids have been selected with much larger flowerheads up to 5-6 cm diameter and with light pink to purple-red ray florets.

Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus) is a flowering plant of the genus Lathyrus in the family Fabaceae (the legumes). It is another April birthday flower. Unlike most peas, the seeds of the sweet pea are not edible. They are often grown by gardeners for their bright colors and the sweet fragrance that gives them their name. The species is annual and so lasts for only one season. The seeds of the sweet pea are poisonous and should not be eaten.

Sweet peas have been cultivated since the 17th century and a vast number of flower varieties are commercially available

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Treehugger: Identify a Tree Using Leaf Shape, Margin, and Venation
Discover all that you can learn from a tree leaf’s characteristics.

Botanists and foresters have developed terms for the patterns and shapes used in tree identification. Many of those terms are used when observing a tree’s leaves.

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EarthSky News: Mars and Saturn conjunction, April 4 and 5 mornings

Mars and Saturn conjunction
Mars and Saturn are heading for a beautiful conjunction on the mornings of April 4 and 5, 2022. Their actual conjunction – when the two objects have the same right ascension on the sky’s dome – happens at 22 UTC on April 4. That’s when Mars will swing 0.3 degrees south of Saturn

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Patheos-Pagan: What Will Your Next Life Be Like?

What comes after death? This is one of the Big Questions of Life – people have wondered about it for at least as long as we’ve been human. We have no definitive answers. But we have plenty of speculative answers, and one of them is reincarnation.

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Pagan Playlist: Tamlin – Faun


Inner Journey:


“…we need to abandon the idea that wisdom is knowing everything-the whys, the wherefores, the how-tos. Wisdom is often more subtle, both far simpler and exceedingly more complex. For wisdom requires the discerning, the listening to, the acknowledgement of nudges and notions, of senses and sensations, of the minute and what we often mistakenly assume is the mundane. Wisdom means listening to the still, small voice, the whisper that can be easily lost in the whirlwind of busyness, expectations, and conventions of the world….”
— Jean M. Blomquist

“Nine-tenths of wisdom is appreciation. Go find somebody’s hand and squeeze it, while there’s time.”
— Dale Dauten

“To finish the moment, to find the journey’s end in every step of the road, to live the greatest number of good hours, is wisdom.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


A Note from the Universe

Start it; you don’t have to be fancy.

Keep moving; you don’t have to go crazy.

Visualize; you don’t have to admit it.

See the end result; it doesn’t have to be material.

Expect miracles; they don’t have to be huge.

Pretend you’ve arrived; you don’t have to dance on tables.

And above all else, have fun.

This is why you started it, right?

Life, what a trip –

The Universe


Today’s Recipe: April Fools’ Day Recipes
Cookies that look like hamburgers and hot dogs, gummi fish ‘sushi,’ and kitty litter cake–fool your friends and family with fun food recipes for April Fools’ Day.

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Magical Correspondences for Friday

Magickal Intentions: Love, Romance, Marriage, Sexual Matters, Physical Beauty, Friendship and Partnerships, Strangers and Matters of the Heart

Element: Earth

Incense: Strawberry, Sandalwood, Rose, Saffron and Vanilla

Planet: Venus

Star Signs: Libra and Taurus
Angel: Ariel
Power Colors: Green, Pink, Aqua
Herbs & Plants: Pink Rose, Ivy, Birch, Heather, Clematis, Sage, Violet and Water Lilly

Sacred Stones: Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pink Tourmaline, Peridot, Emerald and Jade
Oil: (Venus) Cardamom, Palmarosa, Rose, Yarrow

Deities include Aphrodite, Eros, Freya, Venus


Daily Wisdom
April 1, 2022

“Desire and its hold can be overcome,
Through work you can lift that veil and see
The Truth of all life just waiting for you.
Through Karma Yoga you can be free.”

Song Divine: A New Lyrical Rendition of the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3
Karma Yoga is the path of work and service. When we work selflessly, that is, for the good of others, for the good of the whole, rather than for the fruits of our labor, then we grow spiritually. We start to understand that material things don’t bring us the lasting happiness we seek, and that desire, or the wanting of these things, keeps us trapped into an endless loop of feeling like we never have enough. Freedom is knowing that we already have enough, that we already are enough.

-Lissa Coffey


Daily Tarot: The High Priestess

Let intuition be your guide today and you won’t go too far wrong. If something doesn’t need to be done or delivered instantly, take your time and let events, situations, and people claim the time and attention they seem to want. Things want to sort themselves out for you, in the best ways. Don’t introduce complications. Be decisive when necessary but otherwise step up, too, and be pleasantly surprised.


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