May 16, 2022 Full “Flower” Moon

May’s Full “Flower” Moon
May 16, 2022 at 9:14 pm PST/ 10:14 pm MST/ 12:14 am EST

“Dancing midst the flowers beneath the full moon’s light,
the wee folk tend the gardens on this soft spring night.

“On the breeze their laughter floats and magic fills the air,
unveiling nature’s treasure, her gifts with you they share.”

(© 2008 LLaConsciereBolotin/CatSister)

May is the time when flowers seem to be everywhere and is most likely why the Native Americans called this month’s full moon the “Flower Moon”.

This full moon keeps the spring theme of new beginnings and fertility rolling. Everywhere you look there is new growth. This is a great time to sow seeds in both your outdoor and inner gardens. Career, finance, and prosperity are good areas to concentrate on for new beginnings. This month which started with the fire sabbat of Beltane is still keeping things burning. Lust, passion, and renewed vigor put a bounce in our steps as we move toward the new things this moon has to offer.

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To celebrate this fiery month and full moon, wrap yourself in reds, oranges, and yellow or wear warm stones like amber, garnet, and ruby. Take special care to nourish your inner garden this month. If you set intentions or thought seeds for yourself last month, remember to take steps to help them grow and move forward.

On a very light note, I have been “asked” to remind everyone that brings out the garden fairies! This Full Flower Moon is a wonderful time to welcome the “Wee Folk” in your home and yard. This is a great activity, particularly for children. Leave gifts of pretty stones, crystals, shiny beads, and other glittery objects in your flower beds and planters. Hang small decorations in your trees and shrubs. The Fae appreciate gifts and love to be remembered!

Full Moon Blessings! Cat

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