Cat’s Morning Bits for August 8, 2022

Cat’s Morning Bits for August 8, 2022

Good Morning Beautiful Souls! Grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


August Quotes

“I celebrate myself, and what I assume you shall assume, For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you. I loafe and invite my soul, I lean and loafe at my ease … observing a spear of summer grass.”

Walt Whitman


August 2022 Events

Aug 1 Lammas / Lughnasadh

Aug 5 Celtic Tree Month of Hazel begins

Aug 11 Full “Sturgeon” Moon at 6:35 pm PST/ 7:35 pm MST/ 9:35 pm MST

Aug 27 New Moon at 1:17 am PST/ 2:17 am MST/ 4:17 am EST


Finding witchy friends as a solitary practitioner | GIVEAWAY & NEWS


Spirituality & Health: How to Practice Color Meditation for Anxiety
by Lisa Solomon

Painting with watercolors channels the healing powers of both water and color.
When I began my color meditation practice, I didn’t realize just how powerful it could be. But after years of sticking with it—when I’m my best self, I meditate daily—the practice has shown me how impactful just a few minutes of calm and focus can be. Like many things that are good for us, just showing up can be the biggest obstacle.

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Learn Religions: The Four Classical Elements

By Patti Wigington
Updated on May 06, 2019

In many modern-day Pagan belief systems, there is a good deal of focus on the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. A few traditions of Wicca also include a fifth element, which is spirit or self, but that is not universal among all Pagan paths.

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MBG: Astrologers Say This Is The Week For Summer Love: Here’s Your Horoscope

August 6, 2022 — 10:03 AM
There’s a thin line between “secretive” and “self-protective,” and you’ll need to walk it carefully early this week. Here’s your horoscope.

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Healing Tea Bath | A Simple Spell for When You are Feeling Unwell/ The Green Witch


Exemplore: The Use and Significance of Red Candles in Spiritual Practice

How Are Candles Used in Spiritual Practices?
Spiritual work with crystals, incense, and various symbols is gaining a lot of mainstream popularity. In all practices of this kind, there is an essential play of energy. This means you are either warding off a specific aura or welcoming in a new or desired one.

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Treehugger: Artist’s Biologically Accurate Miniature Sculptures Urge Us to Look Closer
Nature is full of small miracles that we often overlook.

You’ve likely heard that bit of pithy wisdom that “art imitates life.” It’s true indeed that many great works of art are often inspired by true events or real people.

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EarthSky News: Saturn’s 2022 opposition: 4 fun things to see

Saturn’s 2022 opposition comes on August 14
Once each year, Earth passes between the sun and the 6th planet, Saturn. Our motion brings Saturn opposite the sun in our sky, to a place called opposition by astronomers. In 2022, Saturn’s opposition will come on August 14.

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Patheos-Pagan: The Falsehood of Fae Propaganda

I’ve always been a little reluctant to fully talk about the fae. They’ve been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, yet they rarely come up in spiritual conversation and even in my writings.

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Pagan Playlist: Fae · Seed


Inner Journey:


“It is our basic right to be a happy person, happy family, and eventually a happy world. That should be our goal.”
— Dalai Lama

Little adjustments to our attitude and approach each day can create a major difference in our appreciation of life. On the surface, nothing changes. At the same time, absolutely everything does.

Use your awareness or your imagination to bring happiness to this moment. Find something to appreciate. Do this as often as you remember to do so, and your world will transform.

” … we can no longer afford to throw away even one ‘unimportant’ day by not noticing the wonder of it all. We have to be willing to discover and then appreciate the authentic moments of happiness available to all of us every day.”
— Sarah Ban Breathnach


A Note from the Universe

Look to what you’re afraid of, to learn where you can grow.


The Universe


Today’s Recipe: Easy 3-Ingredient Pina Colada

This is the easiest piña colada ever, not to mention so much better with real ingredients instead of store-bought mixes. Also makes a great dairy-free cocktail option.

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Magical Correspondences for Monday

Magickal Intentions: Psychic Sensitivity, Women’s Mysteries, Tides, Waters, Emotional Issues, Agriculture, Animals, Female Fertility, Messages, Theft, Reconciliations, Voyages, Dreams and Merchandise

Element: Water

Incense: African Violet, Honeysuckle, Myrtle, Willow, Wormwood
Planet: Moon
Star Sign: Cancer
Angel: Gabriel
Power Colors: Silver, White and Gray
Herbs& Plants: Night Blooming Flowers, Willow Root, Orris Root, Birch, Motherwort, Vervain, White Rose and White Iris
Sacred Stones: Carnelian, Moonstone, Aquamarine, Pearl, Clear Quartz, Flourite, Geodes
Oil: (Moon) Jasmine, Lemon, Sandalwood

Deities include Artemis, Diana, Luna, Selene, Thoth


Daily Wisdom
August 8, 2022

“Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm; it moves stones, it charms brutes. Enthusiasm is the genius of sincerity, and truth accomplishes no victories without it.”

-Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Enthusiasm is really spirit bubbling through us, that’s why it’s so contagious! It is attractive, magnetic even – people around can’t help but get a lift from all that positive energy emanating forth. Enthusiasm feels good. It is real, and natural, and life affirming.

-Lissa Coffey


Daily Tarot: The Empress

Dress well, speak well, and spend time with people who normally might overlook you. Today you have more authority and influence than usual. At work, your superiors will recognize your talents and capabilities (though they might not outwardly acknowledge it). At home, you can be the ruler of all you survey and your word will go unchallenged. Be gracious and make it all beautiful.


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