Paving The Way: Cat’s Angel Message for August 15, 2022

Paving The Way: Cat’s Angel Message for August 15, 2022

August Theme: Positive focus and creative solutions help to draw both prosperity and abundance this month.  You are a powerful creator and all that you need is within your grasp!


When walking life’s path it’s important to take all the steps and collect all the treasures along the way. ~Cat


Today’s Message: Paving The Way

815: Back in May we laid the groundwork for initiating change in our lives. The angels are letting us know that we should start seeing results very soon if we are not seeing them already. These changes will be the catalyst that starts a new flow of abundance. During this time it’s important to remember that you and your loved ones are safe and cared for, so don’t stress! The key is to stay optimistic and let things unfold. When an opportunity presents itself don’t be afraid to grab it now. While waiting until it cycles back around is an option it’s possible that it will no longer be what you need as your personal variables will have changed. Use the opportunities as stepping stones to create a path to bigger and better things!

Today’s Spirit Helpers include:

Archangel Jeremiel is in charge of life reviews and changes. He can help you see everything that you have accomplished recently as well as the areas that need attention and helps us to let go of what we no longer need. He teaches us that by taking inventory of our lives we gain a clear perspective of where we are on our path, which in turn helps us to make positive life changes. He removes our fear of change and what the future holds and replaces them with a sense of expectant excitement.

The Ascended Master Vywamus encourages us to continuously and consciously seek inspiration through the discovery and rediscovery of our own natural abilities and talents. He teaches us that healing can be found in change. If something is holding you back he can teach you how to let it go or let it be so you can continue moving forward.

 Epona is the Celtic goddess of horses, fertility (cornucopia), and dreams(keys). She has ridden into our message today to remind us of the importance of sowing fertile ground to nurture our body, mind, and spirit. The keys to this can often be found in our dreams. She says ” As you ride into your evolution remember that you are the key to unlocking the doors that will lead you on your journey. Clues can be found in your dreams and daydreams so don’t gallop past the way markers.”

Today’s Sacred Stones include:

Black Banded Agate helps us start new things, and embrace new beginnings and projects. It promotes the creativity needed to make things happen. The patterns in this stone invite inspiration and creative flow!

Hematite helps us stay grounded and promotes feelings of safety. Hematite also brings mental clarity through focus and concentration which is essential to the letting go process which accompanies change.

Rhyolite brings emotional balance and emotional release when needed. It aids our forward progress by keeping us anchored in the present while keeping the past where it belongs. This is a great meditation stone and is also effective in bringing the changes needed to reach our full potential.

Blessings for a magickal day! Cat

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