Cat’s Morning Bits for August 24, 2022

Cat’s Morning Bits for August 24, 2022

Good Morning Beautiful Souls! Grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


August Quotes

“The summer night is like a perfection of thought.”

Wallace Stevens


August 2022 Events

Aug 1 Lammas / Lughnasadh

Aug 5 Celtic Tree Month of Hazel begins

Aug 11 Full “Sturgeon” Moon at 6:35 pm PST/ 7:35 pm MST/ 9:35 pm MST

Aug 27 New Moon at 1:17 am PST/ 2:17 am MST/ 4:17 am EST


Spirit Library: New You on Steroids
Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you wonder what happened to your sparkle, your joy? Nothing.

Because you are jumping between timelines, dimensions, and frequencies, you are too exhausted to notice how your personal world is shifting.

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Enchanted Endeavours Ep.1 The crafts & Crystals ||


Spirituality & Health: Practices to Reconnect With Your Body
by Julie Peters

Want to reconnect with your body but not sure how? Discover practical steps.
We don’t always acknowledge how powerful a role our bodies play in our lives. They dictate what we can and can’t do, especially when we are ill or in pain. Beyond that, our bodies also carry with them all the secrets from our past experiences. Your mind may have moved on, but your body has an entirely different story to tell, making it hard to reconnect with your body.

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Learn Religions: Ten Ways to Celebrate Mabon

By Patti Wigington
Updated on June 25, 2019

Mabon is the time of the autumn equinox, and the harvest is winding down. The fields are nearly bare, because the crops have been stored for the coming winter. Mabon is a time when we take a few moments to honor the changing seasons, and celebrate the second harvest.

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MBG: 9 New Moon Rituals For Intention Setting, Manifestation & More, From Experts

With each lunar cycle, we have an opportunity to reflect, set intentions, release, and more. In the case of the new moon, it’s an excellent time to plant seeds for what’s to come. Here, we rounded up our favorite new moon rituals, plus some tips to make them more effective.

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How To Work With Fairy Magic and keep the fairies happy – Magical Crafting – Witchcraft – Wicca


Exemplore: Cleansing Rituals for Dream Magick

Purifying Your Space
Purifying your bedroom and cleansing it of negative energy can be a good thing to do before embarking on dream work. I am not one to believe in evil spirits, but I feel that negative energy can linger.

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EarthSky News: See Venus and the moon on morning of August 25

Venus and the moon
The wafer-thin waning crescent moon, less than 4% lit, pairs with brilliant Venus on the morning of August 25, 2022. What a breathtaking sight! If you look early enough before sunrise, while the sky is still fairly dark, you’ll spot the moon’s unlit portion glowing with earthshine. As the sun nears the horizon and washes out the sky, the earthshine will fade away.

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Patheos-Pagan: New Selves New Witchcrafts


Over the last couple of years a part of my late Summer routine has been cleaning out my basement to donate items to a local yard sale sponsored by one of our localish open Pagan groups.

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Pagan Playlist: Omnia – Instrumental Songs – Pagan/Celtic Music


Inner Journey:


“Follow your bliss.”
— Joseph Campbell

It’s hard for some of us to believe that the world is served when we seek our own happiness. We’ve been taught that this is selfish.

If we stop to reflect on how we are in the world when we are happy, we can see how this serves. We have more vitality. We’re more loving and generous to others when our own needs are met.

What activities bring you greatest joy? Your unique gift to the world will be found in those pastimes you love the most.

How can you live your joy each day?

“Spiritual growth is not made in reaction against, for all striving against imposed restrictions is imaginary. Spiritual growth is accomplished by inclination toward. We grow like the sunflower, following the light.”
— Joy Houghton


A Note from the Universe

There are really only two conditions of the human experience: very, very happy or about to become very, very happy.

Which are you today?

I’m both,

The Universe


Today’s Recipe: Jalapeno Pepper Jelly Recipe

Jalapeno Pepper Jelly can be served in all kinds of ways. Try this jelly with cream cheese and crackers as an appetizer, or as a sauce for roasted meats.

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Magical Correspondences for Wednesday

Magickal Intentions: Communication, Divination, Writing, Knowledge, Business Transactions, Debt, Fear, Loss, Travel and Money Matters

Element: Air

Incense: Jasmine, Lavender, Sweet Pea
Planets: Mercury and Chiron (though this is a moon of Pluto)
Star Sign: Virgo
Angel: Raphael
Power Colors: Orange, Light Blue, Grey, Yellow and Violet
Herbs & Plants: Fern, Lavender, Hazel, Cherry, Periwinkle
Sacred Stones: Aventurine, Bloodstone, Hematite, Moss Agate and Sodalite
Oil: (Mercury) Benzoin, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Lavender

Deities include Athena, Hermes, Lugh, Mercury, Odin


Daily Wisdom
August 24, 2022

“Silence is the language of God.”

-Swami Sivananda (1887-1963)

Are we really listening when we are in silence? Or are we “thinking” and listening to our busy minds? Stop the chatter for awhile – breathe – get quiet – and allow those thoughts to pass as clouds drift across a blue sky. Then listen, and hear God.

-Lissa Coffey


Daily Tarot: The Lovers

Relax, take a deep breath, and don’t let any feelings of anxiety derail your plans for the day. A certain level of nervousness may be in the air today but it doesn’t have to be contagious and you don’t have to catch it. If a touch of anxiety serves to give you a greater sense of caution, that can be a good thing


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