Cat’s Morning Bits for August 26, 2022

Cat’s Morning Bits for August 26, 2022

Good Morning Beautiful Souls! Grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


August Quotes

“Even with insects –
some can sing,
some can’t.”

Kobayashi Issa


August 2022 Events

Aug 1 Lammas / Lughnasadh

Aug 5 Celtic Tree Month of Hazel begins

Aug 11 Full “Sturgeon” Moon at 6:35 pm PST/ 7:35 pm MST/ 9:35 pm MST

Aug 27 New Moon at 1:17 am PST/ 2:17 am MST/ 4:17 am EST


Spirit Library: The Last Lazy Days of Summer
Cheryl Richardson

“Good morning,” said the sun with its splash of golden light on the sturdy spine of the oak tree outside my bedroom window. “Time to rise!” I pulled on my favorite wool socks, dragged the crisp summer-white sheets up over the pillows, and tucked the corners of the duvet under the mattress

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How to set up an altar | Witchcraft altar set ups for different types of witches/ The witches’ cookery


Susan Brunton

Having the whale spirit animal means that you have wells of emotional resilience, inner wisdom and value family above all else.

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Learn Religions: Chamomile

By Patti Wigington
Updated on February 10, 2019

Chamomile is a popular ingredient in a number of magical rituals and spell workings. The two most commonly seen types of chamomile, or camomile, are the Roman and German varieties.

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3 Herbal Protection Spells for a Green Witch’s Home/The Green Witch


Exemplore; Understanding the Earth Element in Western Astrology: For Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Discovering Earth Energy
Earth is an incredible element in Western astrology. Earth is what gives us matter and definition. It’s the slowest moving of the four elements, but it’s the one that allows us to take shape, to take form, and to have strength. Our physical body is represented by earth.

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Treehugger: Mysterious Arctic Shark Found Cruising Around Belize
Little is known about the elusive Greenland shark.

It certainly seemed like it was a long way from home.

A mysterious shark that is typically found in the waters of the Arctic was spotted cruising around a coral reef near Belize. The half-blind animal was discovered by researchers in the area.

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EarthSky News: Telescopium home to closest black hole

If you live toward the south in the Northern Hemisphere, you have a window in late summer and early fall when you can spot the diminutive constellation of Telescopium. Location alone is not enough, however. You’ll also want dark skies. Even the brightest star in Telescopium is rather dim: magnitude 3.49 Alpha Telescopii.

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Patheos-Pagan: Mabon Ritual of Feasting and Toasting

Mabon initiates of the season of Autumn, as the second harvest of fruits and vegetables. This happens at the exact moment we enter Libra – otherwise known as the Autumnal Equinox. So what is a Witch to do?

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Pagan Playlist: enchanting songs for a witch 🌙【folk / pagan playlist】


Inner Journey:


“Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us.”
— Stephen Covey

A Greek myth can help us understand the freedom that comes with power of choice.

In the Underworld, Sisyphus was condemned to roll a large stone up a hill from which it always rolled down again. Realistically, he was trapped in an endless cycle of rolling the stone. When he perceived himself to be imprisoned by the curse, he was a victim.

At one point, however, he turned the tables — he changed his mind and decided to CHOOSE to roll the stone up the hill. In doing so, he empowered himself and defused the curse.

“Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.”
— Jean-Paul Sartre

“One cannot make a slave of a free person, for a free person is free even in a prison.”
— Plato


A Note from the Universe

You’ve made a lot of friends throughout your life, Cat, and you’ll be making a lot more. You can be very proud of this.

But you can safely multiply that number by 7 to reveal the minimum number of secret admirers who were wow’d by your passing glance; by 100,000 to approximate the minimum number of people you’ve inspired; and by 1,000,000 to uncover the least number of lives yours has improved.

And this… makes me very proud.

We’ve only just begun,

The Universe


Today’s Recipe: Nina’s Cucumber Salad

The recipe for this easy salad came from my grandma, who made it in the summers with fresh dill and cucumbers from her garden.

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Magical Correspondences for Friday

Magickal Intentions: Love, Romance, Marriage, Sexual Matters, Physical Beauty, Friendship and Partnerships, Strangers and Matters of the Heart

Element: Earth
Incense: Strawberry, Sandalwood, Rose, Saffron and Vanilla
Planet: Venus
Star Signs: Libra and Taurus
Angel: Ariel
Power Colors: Green, Pink, Aqua
Herbs & Plants: Pink Rose, Ivy, Birch, Heather, Clematis, Sage, Violet and Water Lilly

Sacred Stones: Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pink Tourmaline, Peridot, Emerald and Jade
Oil: (Venus) Cardamom, Palmarosa, Rose, Yarrow

Deities include Aphrodite, Eros, Freya, Venus


Daily Wisdom
August 26, 2022

“Quietness is indeed a sign of strength. But quietness may also help one to achieve strength.”

-Franz Kafka (1883-1924)

We all have a strength that we may not even realize. But it is there, deep within. It gets us through the most difficult times, it give us courage, and persistence when it seems that all is lost. We can tap into that strength at any time, and use it to achieve our heart’s desire. And we can find that strength in silence.

-Lissa Coffey


Daily Tarot: The Star

No matter what is on the schedule, you may need to step out and start something else new and exciting. Your regular duties and usual work won’t be neglected. You’ll just realize that there are other wonderful things that you do not want to postpone nor neglect any longer. This kind of dynamic spirit makes the day go fast and makes everything easier. Have a great day!


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