Finding Clarity From Hard Times: Cat’s Angel Message for October 9, 2022

Finding Clarity From Hard Times: Cat’s Angel Message for October 9, 2022

October’s Theme: Information, Divine guidance, Aha! moments and messages.Thoughts, ideas, and insights.


In every situation, good or bad, there are lessons that will help us on our path. ~Cat


Today’s Message: Finding Clarity From Hard Times

109: We all go through hard or difficult times. These experiences actually help us with our personal growth and benefit us in many unexpected ways. Today, expect to gain some insights regarding yourself and your path. Make these insights your priority because the decisions and choices that you make will play a profound role in your personal evolution. Your intuitive skills will also come into play so keep the lines of communication open as you go about your business. You can also expect to receive guidance from the Universe as well. Remember that Divine guidance comes in many forms so a few creative nudges are possible. Stay focused on the things you want to make happen and use the information that you receive to move forward or tweak your “design plan. The Universe is here to support you so request what you need and release any lingering doubts or fears. Let Spirit fill you with divine energy and get ready to start a new adventure!

Today’s Spirit Helpers include:

Archangel Raguel sets us on the path to personal empowerment. He helps us to find our strength and promotes clarity when we feel conflicted about what to do next by providing a boost of energy and by bringing order to our thoughts. He empowers the underdog and also acts as a motivational coach when we feel down on ourselves and can help us to reach our full potential.

The Himalayan Ascended Master Babaji helps us to achieve the personal and spiritual growth necessary for the letting go process. He assists us in detaching ourselves from both material things and things that no longer serve us. He teaches us that letting go is a form of simplifying your life. It frees your energy so that you can work on what’s important so that new blessings can be received.

The Hindu Mother Goddess Durga teaches us how to create boundaries and maintain them as well as protect ourselves from the negative or controlling energy of others. She says: ” Personal boundaries are important to your well-being. It is sometimes best to walk away. I can help you to step back and give you the self-assurance to do what is in your best interest.”

Today’s Sacred Stones include:

Pink Banded Agate: This stone is a member of the Botswana Agate family. It teaches us how to look at our lives and see the big picture, as it helps us to use our creative problem-solving skills through focus and attention to detail. Pink Banded Agate also helps us to feel good about ourselves and is said to help ease stress and anxiety.

Howlite helps us to formulate our plans to and achieve our ambitions and goals. It helps us to communicate these things in a calm and reasonable manner and tempers this with patience. Howlite also creates a link to the universal realms and prepares the mind to receive guidance.ok

Okenite helps clear away obstacles and teaches us the important lesson that the universe is filled with unlimited possibilities when we allow ourselves to face and adapt to change. It helps us to find our inner strength so that we can finish what we start

Blessings for a magickal day! Cat

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