Cat’s Morning Bits Monday May 1, 2023 “Beltane Edition”

Cat’s Morning Bits Monday May 1, 2023 “Beltane Edition”

Good Morning Beautiful Souls! Grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


May Quotes

‘But I must gather knots of flowers,
And buds and garlands gay,
For I’m to be Queen o’ the May, mother,
I’m to be Queen o’ the May.’

Alfred Lord Tennyson


May Events

May 1 Beltane / May Day

May 5 Full Moon at 10:34 am PST / 11:34 am MST / 1:34 pm EST

May 13 Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn begins

May 14 Mother’s Day/ Mercury goes direct

May 19 New Moon at 8:53 am PST / 9:53 am MST/11:53 am EST (Black Moon: Third new moon in a season)

May 21 Sun enters Gemini

May 29  Memorial Day (USA)


Spirit Library: May 2023 Ascension Energies – Navigating Change
Jamye Price

The accompanying video to this article can be found here.

Blessed Beings, you are at a powerful Connection point of Life. It is at this continuum that your Being is connected to a Oneness that potentiates All.

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How to celebrate Beltane | Magical ideas for Walpurgisnacht celebration


Spirituality & Health: A Beltane Ritual for Hope, Possibility, and Creativity
by Julie Peters

Celebrate this springtime holiday with a ritual for inviting in creative energy and blessings.
Beltane is May Day, the cross-quarter festival that celebrates the midway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. It is high spring, the peak moment of springtime when the flowers are blooming, the sun is warm (but not yet too hot), and the summer berries are poised to ripen.

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Learn Religions: 12 Fertility Deities of Beltane

By Patti Wigington
Updated on February 03, 2020

Beltane is a time of great fertility—for the earth itself, for animals, and of course for people as well. This season has been celebrated by cultures going back thousands of years, in a variety of ways, but nearly all shared the fertility aspect.

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Exemplore:Seven Crystals for Beltane
CLAIREMAY 22, 2022

Benefits of Using Crystals at Beltane

As we reach the celebration of Beltane, spring has peaked and we are heading into summer. The Earth is warming up and has an energy bursting with strength and fertility. The word Beltane is thought to originate from the Celtic god, Bal, meaning ‘the bright one’ and the Gaelic word ‘teine

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Treehugger: 6 Edible Weeds: Dandelions, Purslane, and More

Weeds are widely believed to be a gardener’s arch-enemy. They stifle crops, steal water, hog sunlight, and create what some deem an eyesore in otherwise impeccably groomed flowerbeds and lawns

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Moody Moons: Love Spell Loose Incense Recipe

This love spell loose incense combines traditional love spell ingredients like rose, cinnamon, lavender, and vanilla. Toss it in your bonfire, your cauldron, or on a charcoal dish to draw romance and attraction into your life.

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Patheos-Pagan: Beltane Solo Celebrations: Simple and Satisfying

Celebrating Beltane by yourself may not seem very appealing. After all, it’s all about, er…group activities. Right? Or at least a partner. I am here to tell you, fun can be had if you are in a solo situation!

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Pagan Playlist: Beltane, Lisa Thiel


The Outdoor Apothecary:6 Powerful Beltane Plants & the Folklore of the Season

Beltane, Beltaine, Beltany, or Boaldyn is an ancient Gaelic seasonal celebration that commemorates the arrival of summer and the great growth and richness of nature. While it is typically celebrated on the 1st of May its initial astronomical date is on the 12th.

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The new earth quickens as you rise.
The May Queen is waiting.
Feel the pulsing ground call you to journey,
To know the depths of your desire.
The May Queen is waiting.
Moving through the night, the bright moon’s flight.
In green and silver on the plain.
She waits for you to return again.
Do not keep Her waiting.
Her temper stings if you refuse to taste Her honey.
Surrender as enchantment brings
The first light of dawning.
Move with Her in sacred dance, through fear to feeling.
Bringing ecstasy to those who dare.
Living earth is breathing.
Loving through the night in the bright moonlight,
As seedlings open with the rain.
She’ll long for you to return again.
Do not keep Her waiting.”

Ruth Barren, The May Queen is Waiting


Today’s Recipe: Grapefruit & Mint Beltane Bellini

Refreshing and lightly sweet, this grapefruit & mint Bellini is a perfect treat for Beltane. With a few sprigs of mint from your magical garden and a splash of citrus, it’s a brunch-friendly drink that’s sure to delight your guests at your next spring gathering.

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Magical Correspondences for Beltane

Activities and Rituals: fertilize, nurture and boost existing goals, games, activities of pleasure, leaping bonfires, making garlands, May Pole dance, planting seeds, walking one’s property, feasting, making May Day baskets and giving them to friends

Colors:Red, White, Brown, Pink, Green

Stones/Gems: Emerald, Malachite, Amber, Carnelian, Sapphire, Rose Quartz

Symbols & Decorations:The Maypole, bonfires, flowers, trees, plants, ploughs, cauldrons of flowers, broom

Foods:Dairy, bread, cereals

Flowers: Herbs:Lily of the valley, foxglove, rose, broom, hawthorne, dittany of crete, elder, mint, mugwort, thyme, yarrow, almond, tree/shrub, clover, ivy, marigold, meadowsweet, rowan, sorrel, woodruff

Deities:Aphrodite, Artemis, Bast, Diana, Faunus, Flora, Maia, Pan, the Horned God, Venus, and all Gods and Goddesses of fertility.

Animals:Swallow, dove, swan, cats, lynx, leopard


Backyard Banshee: Beltane Tarot Spread | 6-Card Interactive Reading

As the days grow warmer and the nights get shorter, we know that Beltane is just around the corner. This Sabbat is all about celebrating growth and joyous change, and there’s no better way to do that than with a tarot reading! In this blog post, we will discuss a 6-card Beltane tarot spread that can help you celebrate the holiday.



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