Cat’s Morning Bits Monday May 8, 2023

Cat’s Morning Bits Monday May 8, 2023

Good Morning Beautiful Souls! Grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


May Quotes

“May is a pious fraud of the almanac.”
– James R. Lowell


May Events

May 1 Beltane / May Day

May 5 Full Moon at 10:34 am PST / 11:34 am MST / 1:34 pm EST

May 13 Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn begins

May 14 Mother’s Day/ Mercury goes direct

May 19 New Moon at 8:53 am PST / 9:53 am MST/11:53 am EST (Black Moon: Third new moon in a season)

May 21 Sun enters Gemini

May 29  Memorial Day (USA)



Dreams can mystify, revealing hidden truths and connecting us to the spiritual realm. One such captivating dream experience is seeing a praying mantis.

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Revisiting Charming and Charging Jewelry


Pioneer Thinking: Growing Echinacea: A Fascinating Journey into The World of Medicinal Herbs

Echinacea, also known as coneflowers, are valued for their beautiful blooms and powerful medicinal properties. The plant has a long and fascinating history, dating back to ancient times when Native Americans used it to treat various illnesses.

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Mystic Crystal Imports: The Properties of Lemon Quartz
April 17, 2022 Posted by WILL PONDER

The Properties of Lemon Quartz
Lemon quartz is a gemstone that has been found in several locations, including Madagascar, Brazil, and the United States. It is also sometimes referred to as lemon citrine.



MBG: Why Astrologers Really Want You To Have An Honest Relationship Talk This Week

Get proactive this Tuesday, May 9 as the can-do Sun and spontaneous Uranus team up for their annual conjunction.



Exemplore: Fairness and Renewal: When Justice and Judgment Appear in a Tarot Reading
BEV GMAY 5, 2023

There are some tarot card combinations that cause a frisson of uncertainty when they show up in a reading. Justice 11 and Judgment 20 are such a pairing. Surely their meanings, so clearly linked to authority, are very similar?

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Treehugger: 11 of the Smallest Mammals in the World

In the biological world, it seems as though bigger would be better. And while it’s true that bigger often means stronger (therefore able to outcompete smaller species),

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EarthSky News:Visible planets and night sky for May 2022

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Patheos-Pagan: Following the Call(s) of Aphrodite

She who loves, She who is Love.

She offers love as the balm, the bright, and the beauty.

She is many faces, many facets, the mirror ball that reflects and shimmers into the world.

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Pagan Playlist: Nanna Barslev — Lysb​æ​rer [Full Album]



“I do not accept any absolute formulas for living. No preconceived code can see ahead to everything that can happen in a man’s life. As we live, we grow and our beliefs change. They must change. So I think we should live with this constant discovery. We should be open to this adventure in heightened awareness of living. We should stake our whole existence on our willingness to explore and experience.”
— Martin Buber


A Note from the Universe

When someone is so eager to have what they want to have, do what they want to do, or be who they want to be that they’d rather take little, tiny, teensy steps in the direction of their dreams than face one more single day of doing without, I just can’t help but open the floodgates.

It’s my greatest weakness.

We bad,

The Universe


Today’s Recipe: Air Fryer Grilled Ham and Cheese

A grilled ham and cheese sandwich is the ultimate comfort food, and now it’s easier than ever using the air fryer. Select your bread and cheese to suit your taste. Whatever cheese you use, just be sure it’s a good melting one. We also enjoy Cooper® Sharp White American Cheese…



Magical Correspondences for Monday:

Magickal Intentions: Psychic Sensitivity, Women’s Mysteries, Tides, Waters, Emotional Issues, Agriculture, Animals, Female Fertility, Messages, Theft, Reconciliations, Voyages, Dreams and Merchandise

Element: Water

Incense: African Violet, Honeysuckle, Myrtle, Willow, Wormwood
Planet: Moon
Star Sign: Cancer
Angel: Gabriel
Power Colors: Silver, White and Gray
Herbs& Plants: Night Blooming Flowers, Willow Root, Orris Root, Birch, Motherwort, Vervain, White Rose and White Iris
Sacred Stones: Carnelian, Moonstone, Aquamarine, Pearl, Clear Quartz, Flourite, Geodes
Oil: (Moon) Jasmine, Lemon, Sandalwood


Today’s Tarot: The Emperor

Kindness will take you very far today. It’s not a show of weakness or inferiority to engage in that random act of kindness. Think of it as acting out of generosity of spirit. The bigger your heart today, the more respect and cooperation will come your way. Make sure your kindness is genuine and from a genuine place. Then you’re virtually unassailable.


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