Cat’s Morning Bits for August 11, 2021

Cat’s Morning Bits for August 11, 2021

Good Morning Beautiful Souls! Grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat

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Senate honored Augustus Caesar, the first Roman emperor, by changing the name of their month “Sextilis” to “Augustus.” Middle English speakers inherited the name of the month of August, but it wasn’t until the mid-1600s that “august” came to be used generically in English, more or less as “augustus” was in Latin, to refer to someone with imperial qualities.

August Events:

Aug 1 Lammas / Lughnasadh

Aug 5 Celtic Tree Month of Hazel begins

Aug 8 New Moon at 6:50 am PST/ 7:50 am MST/ 9:50 am EST

Aug 22 Full Corn Moon at 5:01 PST/ 6:01 am MST/ 8:01 am EST

Spirit Library: Focus on What Needs to Be Cleared (a message from Kate Spreckley)

August is an energetically charged month where we are flooded with cosmic light that encourages transformation and the reclaiming of our inherent power as co-creators. There is a feeling of agitation that comes with this energy as new ideas, new creativity and new concepts clash with any preconceived ideas we have about ourselves, our purpose and our lives

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My Experiences with Deities: Freyja


Spiritual Unite:

Magpies are beautiful birds that hold many meanings. Magpie’s spiritual symbolism is often associated with protection, good luck, and even change.



ThoughtCo: How to Use Amethyst Crystals for Healing

Amethyst is a quartz crystal that comes in various shades of purple, from light lavender to deep violet. According to healers, amethyst crystals have a spiritual quality and can be used to help individuals tap into higher levels of consciousness. Amethyst—

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Signology: Color Yellow

Color is a vital part of a visual symbol and yellow has deep significance. It is used in symbols all over the world to represent emotions, politics, religion, gender, science, art and mythology.

A comprehensive guide to the symbolism of yellow. Discover facts and information about yellow. Why is the color black used as a symbol of death whereas the color Green represents new life?

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MBG: A Quick Vibrational Healing Meditation To Help You Feel Instant Peace

It was Nikola Tesla who said, “If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration.” At a microscopic level, everything is energy, and all things are always in constant motion, vibrating at a specific frequency. This applies to matter but also to our personal frequency as well

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New moon ritual | Witchy things to do for the new moon | How to work with the moon in witchcraft


Worts + Cunning Apothecary; The Four Elements of Traditional Western Herbalism: Part One

The energetics of traditional western herbalism are fascinating to study and useful to know when it comes to working with the people we serve as herbalists.

Studying energetics, and especially the four elements, we can begin to synthesize the vast and varied traditions and cultures of traditional western herbalism from its astrological roots, its magickal foundations, and its modern breakthroughs

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Treehugger: 15 Unique Plants That Flourish in the Tundra Biome

From shallow roots to fuzzy stems, these tundra plants have adapted to grow in some pretty extreme conditions.

Earth’s coldest biome is home to some pretty resourceful small plants. In the bitter cold of the tundra, these plants grow close to the ground, where they find protection from strong winds.

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EarthSky News: Northern Cross: Backbone Of Milky Way

How to find the Northern Cross
The Northern Cross is a clipped version of the constellation Cygnus the Swan. It’s an asterism, or pattern of stars that’s not a recognized constellation. It lies embedded within another, much larger asterism, the Summer Triangle. You’ve got to have a dark sky and a good imagination to see a swan in the stars of Cygnus. But the Northern Cross is easy to see, even if your sky is less than pristine.

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Patheos-Pagan: Saying Goodbye to a Special Animal Companion

How do you honor a beloved furry friend when their time has come?


Let’s face it: Goodbyes are hard, especially when we know we won’t see the other person again. I lost Agatha Jane, my rabbit companion, about two weeks ago, and honestly?

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Pagan Playlist: Song For The Sacred Elements – Chenoa Egawa & Alex Turtle


Inner Journey:


“A person’s worth is contingent upon who he is, not upon what he does, or how much he has. The worth of a person, or a thing, or an idea, is in being, not in doing, not in having.”
— Alice Mary Hilton

As a human being, as spirit manifested in form, you are innately worthy. Your worthiness does not have to be strengthened or improved. However, you may not PERCEIVE yourself to be worthy.

If you doubt your self-worth, consciously or unconsciously, you will limit the good things you will allow into your life.

Do you consider yourself worthy? It may help to answer these questions:

Do you find it easier to give than to receive?
Do you have as much money as you would like?
Do you feel driven to improve yourself?
Do you value other people’s time more highly than your own?
How would you feel if someone offered to pay you a salary of $1 million/year?
If you find you lack self-worth, don’t despair. Just being aware of your self-worth issues will help you let them go.

“Every achiever that I have ever met says, ‘My life turned around when I began to believe in me.'”
— Dr. Robert H. Schuller

“We cannot achieve more in life than what we believe in our heart of hearts we deserve to have.”
— James R. Ball


A Note from the Universe

More love means laughing longer, living lighter, running faster, jumping higher, starting sooner, staying later and a zippier thriving business and a steady income.

At least for some people… you know, hypothetically.

More love,

The Universe


Today’s Recipe: Delicious Zucchini Pickles

Do you have an abundance of zucchini? These pickles will give dill pickles a run for their money, they are crisp and tasty like their dill counterparts but maybe even better in taste.

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Magical Correspondences for Wednesday

Magickal Intentions: Communication, Divination, Writing, Knowledge, Business Transactions, Debt, Fear, Loss, Travel and Money Matters

Element: Air

Incense: Jasmine, Lavender, Sweet Pea
Planets: Mercury and Chiron (though this is a moon of Pluto)
Star Sign: Virgo
Angel: Raphael
Power Colors: Orange, Light Blue, Grey, Yellow and Violet
Herbs & Plants: Fern, Lavender, Hazel, Cherry, Periwinkle
Sacred Stones: Aventurine, Bloodstone, Hematite, Moss Agate and Sodalite
Oil: (Mercury) Benzoin, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Lavender

Deities include Athena, Hermes, Lugh, Mercury, Odin

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. Wednesday’s vibration adds power to spell work involving inspiration, communication, writers, poets, the written and spoken word, and all matters of study, learning, and teaching. This day also provides a good time to begin efforts involving self-improvement or understanding.


Daily Wisdom
August 11, 2021

“Nothing is so contagious as example, and our every really good or bad action inspires a similar one.”

-La Rouchefoucauld (1613-1790)

Think of the possibilities. Doing anonymous good deeds suddenly becomes “cool.” Volunteering becomes the favorite national past-time. We smile at strangers, and strangers become friends. It’s totally possible. And we can start with our own example, right here and now.

-Lissa Coffey


Daily Tarot: Temperance

Patience is your secret weapon to face down all obstacles today. Take your good old time to make sure you understand what needs to be done, for whom, why, and how. This methodical approach may not be your natural or favorite one, and it might annoy someone who has a different opinion of how urgent the issue is. Nonetheless, patience will get you through the day with fewer, if any, mishaps.


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Cat’s Morning Bits for June 26, 2019

CMB green

Cat’s Morning Bits for June 26, 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


Great is the sun, and wide he goes
Through empty heaven without repose;
And in the blue and glowing days
More thick than rain he showers his rays.
-Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-94)


Spiritual Unite: Penguin Spirit Animal Meaning – Being The Best You

Looking for the penguin spirit animal meaning? Your penguin spirit animal appears to you when you need a reminder of the power of friendship, family and community.
It also lends you determination and drives during times of hardship.


ThoughtCo: Wicca, Witchcraft or Paganism?

As you study and learn more about magical living and modern Paganism, you’re going to see the words witch, Wiccan, and Pagan pretty regularly, but they’re not all the same. As if that wasn’t confusing enough, we often discuss Paganism and Wicca, as if they’re two different things. So what’s the deal? Is there a difference between the three? Quite simply, yes, but it’s not as cut and dried as you might imagine


Spirit Library: The Courage to Share your Gifts (a message from Archangel Raphael channeled by Shanta Gabriel)

Dear Ones,

Courage is the power that backs up the Love in your heart. Courage is the active, expanding field of Light that supports you. Courage is what you need to share your gifts with the world.

Providing the ways and means to act from your heart is fertilizing the field of your dreams.


Daily Tarot: Death

There’s a sense of security in what is old, and with something new coming into your life it’s natural to be a bit afraid. Give this new situation a chance and give yourself time to get comfortable with the new conditions. It could be as simple as getting your hair cut or changing your glasses frames, but it could be much bigger than that.


Elephant Journal: I came to this Earth to be Whole.

People want to see only the shiny,
pretty, admirable parts of me.

As if I was a precious diamond
to be polished all the time.

But I am not.


MNN: 10 reasons making music is good for your brain

Turns out Mom and Dad were right: those piano lessons and the endless hours in school band practice were good for you. From making you smarter, to diminishing the effects of brain aging, to improving emotional stability, it seems that playing an instrument has a hand in reconfiguring your brain and enhancing it — permanently. And to be clear: Just listening to music doesn’t cut it. It’s the active work of bringing sounds to life that delivers the biggest benefit.


EarthSky News: See the Dragon’s Eyes on summer evenings

Tonight, find the Dragon’s Eyes. For years, I’ve glanced up in the north at this time of year and spied the two stars marked on today’s chart, Rastaban and Eltanin in the constellation Draco. They’re noticeable because they’re relatively bright and near each other. There’s always that split-second when I ask myself with some excitement what two stars are those? It’s then that my eyes drift to blue-white Vega nearby . . . and I know, by Vega’s nearness, that they are the stars Rastaban and Eltanin

Patheos-Pagan: Lammas Incense Recipe for Fiery Leo Magick

For my practice of witchcraft, I like to create my own herbal incense recipes. I choose ingredients whose magickal correspondences are appropriate to the goal of whatever rite or spell is afoot. I like to start with a look at the astrological goings and flowings of the moment. For example, let’s make one for Lammas Sabbat, the witch’s solar celebration of High Summer, which rolls around at the midpoint of Leo, or 15º of Leo.


Inner Journey:


“The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind.”
— William James

Here is one perspective on levels of consciousness and some descriptive words to help us identify the differences:
•Not conscious – instinctual, follower
•Subconscious – habitual, robotic, reactive
•Conscious – aware, intelligent, conceptual, reflective
•Superconscious – intuitive, guiding, truthful, loving, universal

Reflect on how you typically move through your day. As we use our minds more consciously, we open up to the superconsciousness.

“Utilizing your conscious mind to direct the subconscious mind to enter into communication and harmony with the universal mind is the secret of personal power.”
— Delfin Knowledge System

A Note from the Universe

In the adventure of life, at first, no one gets it. So help is sent.

Then, over time, some start getting it, but no one lives it. So more help is sent.

Soon, some start living it and even more start getting it, and an upward spiral ensues.

Eventually, of course, everyone is getting it and living it…

But Earth’s not there yet.

So the question to ask yourself, is, “Who shall I help next?”
You so get it,

The Universe


Today’s Deity: Kokopelli

Known as a fertility god, prankster, healer and story teller, Kokopelli has been a source of wonder throughout the country for centuries. Kokopelli embodies the true American Southwest, and dates back over 3,000 years ago, when the first petroglyphs were carved. Although his true origins are unknown, this traveling, flute-playing Casanova is a sacred figure to many Southwestern Native Americans. Carvings of this hunch-backed flute-playing figure have been found painted and carved into rock walls and boulders throughout the Southwest.

Today’s Recipe: Caramelized Onion Balsamic Chicken Salad

This salad is scrumptious! We call it “Fancy Restaurant Salad”. The balsamic sauce is used to marinate the chicken, as the salad dressing, and as the finishing touch to your caramelized onions. Using one sauce for these three different things gives each of them their own unique flavour.

Magical Correspondences for Wednesday

Intentions:Rules healings, the mind, Communication, Divination, Writing, Knowledge, Business Transactions, Debt, Fear,Loss, Travel and Money Matters, Addictions, Young People, Messages, Perception, Self Expression.

Incense: Jasmine, Lavender, Sweet Pea, Cinnamon, Cinquefoil
Planet: Mercury and Chiron (though this is a moon of Pluto)
Sign: Virgo
Angel: Raphael
Colors: Orange, Light Blue, Grey, Yellow and, Opalescent colors and Violet
Herbs/Plants: Fern, Lavendar, Hazel, Cherry, Periwinkle
Stones: Aventurine, Bloodstone, Hematite, Moss Agate and Sodalite
Oil: (Mercury) Benzoin, Clary Sage, Eucalytus, Lavender

Goddesses: Aset [Isis], Demeter, Ceres, Spider Woman, Bona Dea, Oya,
Devi-Kali, Hella, Rhiannon, Coatlique, Maman Brigette, Sekhmet, Het Heret

Daily Wisdom
June 26, 2019


“I had forgotten what mustard fields looked like… Sheet upon sheet of blazing yellow, half-way between sulphur and celandrine, with hot golden sunshine pouring down upon them out of a dazzling June sky. It thrilled me like music.”

-Monica Baldwin, I Leap Over the Wall, 1950

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about yellow is the sun – beautiful, life-affirming, skin warming sunshine! I also think about old-fashioned wooden pencils and school buses – and sunflowers! It’s really a happy color, isn’t it? Yellow seems to be attention-getting, and in color therapy, it is used to harness attention. Wearing a citrine, for example, is supposed to help you concentrate. And whoever invented the original Post-It notes must have made them yellow for a reason! If this were written in color, I’d send a bright yellow happy face today!

-Lissa Coffey


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