In Perfect Balance: Cat’s Angel Message for September 7, 2018

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In Perfect Balance: Cat’s Angel Message for September 7, 2018 

September’s Theme: This month will involve working on our Life Mission/ Purpose. Sometimes we have a clear vision of what that is and sometimes we don’t.  Remember that everything you do has an impact on your world and the people in it and around you.  It can be simple, like making “tiny miracles” happen for others or even making your own life or the life of a loved one better. Sometime’s the small things are the best!

Balance activity with serenity, wealth with simplicity, persistence with innovation, community with solitude, familiarity with adventure, constancy with change, leading with following. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

97: Yesterday we talked about sending loving , positive vibes out into the world and to the people around us. Today the angels are sending a gentle reminder that we need to remain open to receiving as well as giving…… in other words balance. If we only give we deplete ourselves and by only taking we deplete others. Neither of these are healthy options. However, by balancing the two we find that our energy flows freely and not only benefits us but others as well. It creates a powerful , ever expanding circle of energy that spreads like ripples in a pond. Perform a self check today and make sure your energies are balanced and make any necessary adjustments that are needed. Now…. take a deep breath and shine!

Archangel Raphael helps us to heal by showing us the importance of maintaining our balance. The Ascended Masters Buddha and Melchizedek can assist in balancing and harmonizing all energies. (personal, universal, world etc.) And, the Egyptain Goddess Maat tells us “Honor yourself by being truthful. It is truth that creates order out of difficult or confusing situations. It is also truth that keeps your inner scales balanced, your energy free and your heart feather light.”

Our Sacred Stone for today is Celestite which helps form a vision of peaceful coexistence with all of creation as well as the possibility of total harmony

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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