Forging Ahead: Cat’s Angel Message for November 22, 2018 

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Forging Ahead: Cat’s Angel Message for November 22, 2018 

November’s Theme: Our goal this month lies in watching our thoughts.  Remember that POSITIVE opens and draws and NEGATIVE closes and blocks. Stay focused on what you want and not what you fear.

If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success. – John D. Rockefeller

1122:  The the secret to manifestation resides in faith. When we have faith in the Universe, our angels, and above all in ourselves we become the creator that we were meant to be. Our belief that good things flow into our lives allows doors to open and opportunities to emerge. The key lies in acknowledging the “tiny miracles” that take place (these are important), by staying centered in gratitude and by believing that you are worthy of the best. If worry creeps in simply take a moment to center yourself and turn your concerns over to the angels. Remember that new experiences and new paths are everywhere and that it is up you to embrace them.   Affirm that you are open to and ready to receive all the wonderful things that the Universe has in store for you!

The angel Pathiel works along side the Archangel Raziel . Together they can help us to open the gates of positive manifestation. They open our eyes and hearts so that we can see the good things we have and the ones headed our way. The Ascended Master Jesus embodies faith, he also provides a clear and direct line of communication to the Divine and he helps all who ask. And, the Celtic goddess Brigid helps to light our way by shedding light on things that have been hidden from us and teaches us new and creative ways of making things happen for ourselves She reminds us “Hope and optimism shine like the sun and like the sun they hold powerful energy. This energy will help you find your way.” 

Our Sacred Stone is Mookite. This form of Jasper helps us to see things in a new perspective and keeps us move forward. It encourages us to be flexible in our thinking so that new experiences are easily accepted.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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