The Lotus Pond


The Lotus Pond

Memories of a haven long past

I remember the lotus pond, cool, inviting the midday sun beating down over head

It was cool there, shaded by the old acacia tree offering sanctuary from Ra’s blazing power

That tree was a friend to me

Roughened bark carressing me like the hardened hands of a lover

It’s branches a shelter as it once sheltered my gods who were born beneath it

But I remember the lotus pond

Scented green with the rich water of the sacred Nile, heady and intoxicating

Serenaded by the small frogs and guarded by the temple cats I would lie

The grass would cradle me

Softer than the finest silk, sensuous beyond belief, a blessing in this red land

It’s scent was green too yet different than the water, sharp and cool

Yet I remember the lotus pond

Pink and white bowls floating among brilliant green plates

Teasing, beckoning you to pluck one, dip and drink of the sacred green

Watching the sky above

Slashes of blue in the canopy of leaves and branches, arbor of the gods

A blue the color of Pharoah’s chariot, glorius and heartstopping in it’s beauty

But I can see the lotus pond

Shimmering in tranquil beauty, a place of peace, a place out of time

As if nothing could touch you, a sacred haven just for me

All things change, even the gods

The sacred places as I knew them are gone, destroyed, changed

So now I wait, gathering my power and dreaming of what was

I dream of the lotus pond

Sweet days and sweeter nights and a time long gone, obscured by time itself

Buried as I am buried, lost in time beneath the shifting sands

© LBolotin-Cat 12-2-08