Spiritual Epiphany


I’ve been watching the clouds today. I love to see the wind moving them about making patterns of white and grey against the blue sky. It reminded me of something I wrote awhile back. I was sitting up on Chalk Mountain on the Grand Mesa just enjoying the day. The sun, the wind, the sound of bird song and the scents of Mother Earth waking up made it a very spiritual experience……

Spiritual Epiphany

Spring is coming to the mesa and the
wind driving down from the north is still
cold, but carries with it the scent and
promise of a new season.

The cedar and juniper trees are chattering
to each other; gossiping like long lost friends.
Their voices blending with the voice of Shu the wind,
and then separating as individuals once more.

In the dome overhead Shu is herding the cloud
people; pushing them along to some unknown destination.
As I watch, I find myself wondering why the big hurry. It
seems a waste on such a glorious day.

The birds however, refuse to be dictated to by
the wind. A pair of ravens are riding currents; dipping
and wheeling, while a host of smaller birds play tag
in the trees.

Everywhere are signs of the anticipated awakening;
the trees are haloed with the yellow-green of new growth;
the horn of a deer laying abondoned on the ground; the
miniature rivers of water escaping from the snow along
the road.

Look and you can see the Goddess rising and stretching
in the Gods growing power. With the rebirth of the land
so are we reborn. Spring brings a spiritual epiphany and
our very spirits rejoice in our rebirth.

Written and © LBolotin/CatSister 3-26-06

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