What Do You See……

IMG_3234 a

The desert moves to it’s own rhythm. She has time and patiently waits her energy held close below her dry, sandy skin. The seasons move slowly as well and to the untrained and disinterested eye little changes. Just like with people, appearances can be deceiving  and we must look deeper to see the unique beauty that lies hidden, often in plain sight.


Beneath last years dried stems and almost invisible from a distance…………..


Hidden beneath the snow crushed grasses the beauty is there for anyone who cares enough to look….. really look.  Just like people. We see the dirty. the dry, the ugly, the inhospitable, the empty, the different or what we perceive as uninteresting and  we ignore it or turn away. Our society today is blinded by an unrealistic vision of “perfection”. Forget  outward appearances and dare yourself to look deeper and find true beauty, something of true value.

The lesson of the desert lies in this question:

“What do you see when you look at me? Do you take me at face value or do you see the treasures I guard and hide?


(C) LBolotin 2017


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