Full Storm Moon: March 12, 2017


Full Moon for March
The Storm Moon
March 12, 2017 at 10:54 am EST

If March comes in like a lion, it will go out
like a lamb.
If March comes in like a lamb, it will go out
like a lion.

-old weather saying

March coreespondences

Nature Spirits: Air & Water Spirits; Mer-people
Herbs: Broom; High John Root; Irish Moss; Wood Vetony & Yellow Dock
Colours: Pale Green and Red-Violet
Flowers: Daffodil; Jonquil & Violet
Scents: Apple Blossom & Honeysuckle
Stones: Aquamarine & Bloodstone
Trees: Alder & Dogwood
Animals: Boar; Cougar & Hedgehog
Birds: Sea Crow & Sea Eagle
Deities: Artemis; Astarte; Athene; Black Isis; Hecate; Luna; Minerva and Morrigan (The)
Power Flow:
Balance of Light and Dark; Breaking Illusions; Exploring; Growing; New Beginnings and Prospering

(Moon Magick, DJ Conway)


This months moon is called the Storm Moon (medieval england), probably due to the fact that March is known to have some major storms caused by earth changes brought about as spring approaches. The weather saying above is an old one and you have probably heard someone use at one time or another. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac ” Some skywatchers believe that there’s a heavenly connection. The constellation Leo, the lion, is rising in the east at the beginning of March, hence the “comes in like a lion,” while Aries, the ram, sets in the west at the end of March, and so “will go out like a lamb.” Other names for this moon are Fish Moon (colonial america), Sleepy Moon (china), Windy Moon (cherokee), Big Famine Moon (choctaw), When Eyes Are Sore From Bright Snow Moon (dakota), Moon of Winds (celtic), Palolo Worm Moon (new guinnea), Full Sap Moon ( for tapping the maple trees), Full Crow Moon (the northern indian tribes said that the cawing of the crows meant winter was ending), and the old settlers called it the Lenten Moon and considered it the last full moon of winter.

The Storm Moon of March is the herald of Ostara, Spring and new beginnings. Winters snow will soon give way to spring rain. The first of the seasons new growth is already showing, the days are longer and the Sun is climbing higher in the sky. So too are we experiencing new beginnings and growth. The time has come to clean and prune away the old debris that keeps us from moving forward. This much needed inner spring cleaning provides us with a new outlook and helps us to bloom, even during difficult times. Magical workings, meditations and healing should focus on personal growth and rebirth during this moon.

To enhance your endeavors wear the colors of spring, greens, yellows or lavender and adorn yourself with aquamarine, bloodstone, quartz crystal or jade. Use the scents of honeysuckle and apple blossom to create springs essence of hope and vibrancy to your altar, home or workspace.

Bright Blessings!



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