Cat’s Bits for the Week of May 7-13: Silence of the Spirit

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Cat’s Bits for the Week of May 7-13: Silence of the Spirit
May Events:

May 10: Full Moon at 5:42 pm EST
May 13: Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn begins
May 14: Mother’s Day
May 25: New Moon at 3:44 pm EST
May 27: Ramadan begins
May 29: Memorial Day

True silence is the rest of the mind,
and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body,
nourishment and refreshment.
– William Penn


Sometimes we want to get away from the busy and hectic city life to find solace in the raging waves of the ocean pounding on the rocks or the turbulent splashing of a bubbling waterfall. At other times we are amazed by the immovable silence of a mountain or the gentle caress of a river overjoyed at its union with the sea. The topography of a region speaks to each one of us, a secret language that people from all facets of life understand and relate to.

Stuti Garg

Article for the Week:  Silence of the  Spirit

Guide me along the path to stillness.
Grant me the power to truly hear the wisdom within the silence.

What is silence? Webster’s says “Silence is the absence of sound or noise”. But is it? Even in moments of true silence there is noise, it’s soft but it’s there. That little hum as if someone is speaking to you on a frequency to high or fast to comprehend. I find my silence in nature surrounded by the energy of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Natural places are healing places that can do more for a person’s mental state that any doctor or drug. Each person is drawn to different locales and climates. For me it is the desert and the mountains. They fill and refresh my spirit,  and they soothe my battered and weary old soul. I visit them to find my silence…………….

Here on the lake it is quiet, away from the noise and the hum of the city.
Although quiet may not be the right word because the air is alive with sound.
This is a different kind of silence, and the silence we find at home is nothing compared to this.

At home you can hear the distant hum of traffic, a train, people, white noise. Here there is only the voice of the wind, accompanied by the avian chorus and the whisper of the pines as they speak to each other in their native tongue.

As the cares of the mundane world fall away I am left with a peaceful feeling of solitude.
It overtakes me slowly and seems to move with the ebb and flow of the lake. It fills me with a rhythm like a distant heartbeat.

I am warm and content in the sunlight, watching it sparkle upon the water. Overhead
a heron soars on silent wings, lazily circling. I envy his view from up there and wonder how the sun and water appear to him, or if he notices them at all.

The energy I feel is healing, cleansing, silent, in a way that it is not in the confines of the city.  heavily populated areas have a way of suppressing the natural energy of the earth and of nature. It changes it somehow and makes it less………………pure.

Sitting here in the silence that is not quite silence, sharing energy with the seen and unseen, I find myself pondering the question of silence.

True silence starts within the center of our being. It is the gift of hearing and seeing what goes on around us and within us in a new way. It grants us the ability to be one with the Divine Source and all of nature. To embrace true silence we must first learn to be still.

Breathe and be still…………
Open yourself to the source
Breathe and be still…………
Allow your senses to guide you
Breathe and be still…………
Breathe in the stillness
(C) LBolotin 2017

Bright Blessings for a Magickal Week!

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