Kick Back and Chill: Cat’s Angel Message for July 30, 2017 


Kick Back and Chill: Cat’s Angel Message for July 30, 2017 

 July’s Theme: Life Path – Divine Guidance – Action

Some days are simply meant for playing. ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

730:  Our message today involve a little self care. In order to hear and receive both divine guidance as well as our own we must take care of ourselves. This involves keeping our energy field clear so that we can be focused and centered.  Everyday our energy field absorbs bits and pieces of what goes on around us and these things can knock us out of balance. Being balanced is important when it comes to receiving guidance and messages. Take some time today to ground, center and clear. Clean up your path, pick a few weeds, plant something new and even blow a few dandelions. Don’t forget to harvest some good things along the way….. you’ve earned it!

Call on Archangel Raguel today to give you a boost of energy and bring order to your thoughts. Archangel Michael helps to clear our energy field and Ascended Master El Morya promotes groundedness and surrounds us with protection. Use Rose Quartz to shower yourself with loving care and to send healing to those little places that need it.

Blessings for a magickal day!


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