Thought For The Day: Dec.5, 2017 “Worry And Her Sisters”

Happy Thursday ,

Our thought for today is about Worry and her 2 evil sisters, Stress and Anxiety. The three of them go hand in hand, each one building off of the other until they have taken up residence within us.  By allowing them to move in it blocks our energy. This keeps us from using our energy for other things, positive things. The key is to choose your battles wisely. If you can take care of it now (before it grows) or even a part of it, do it. If it’s something out of your control (future event or “might happen) set it aside and let it go for now. By doing this we find that it wasn’t an issue after all or that the situation resolves itself.  You have control over your own peace of mind and what you choose to spend your energy on. Choose wisely!

Daily Thought 2

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