Choosing What’s Important: Cat’s Angel Message for January 11, 2018  

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Choosing What’s Important: Cat’s Angel Message for January 11, 2018  

January’s Theme: Focus on dreams and goals not your fears or past happenings. Thoughts manifest into reality and through positive focus we lessen the power of the things we fear.

It’s a matter of choosing what is most important to
you and putting that first.
Once you have recognized your true purpose in life,
this becomes much easier.
– Clarence Clemons

111: We are receiving a reminder today about watching our thoughts. The number 111 is all about manifestation and prosperity so keep this month’s theme in mind because choosing your thoughts with care and direction will be the key to success. 111 is also a repeating number and strongly resonates with new beginnings, individuality, success, growth, and positive decision making. Don’t waste your energy on negative or fearful thinking lest you inadvertently manifest those instead. Make sure that your thoughts match your dreams and goals and keep things on the positive side of the path. If you do find yourself tilting toward worry or fear acknowledge these feelings and then turn them over to the angels to transform into something better.

 The Hindu goddess Lakshmi helps us to make decisions that are best suited for planning for the future. The Hawaiian goddess Pele helps us to channel our inner fire in a positive way that brings renewed energy and achievement  of our goals. The Ascended Master Solomon teaches us how to do things more efficiently as he guides us through difficult areas. Our Sacred Stone for today is Sapphire. This gemstone provides direction where when we need it as it quiets the mind  and eases uncertainty. It also attracts prosperity and other good things directly to us.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!


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