Clear the Fear: Cat’s Angel Message for January 21, 2018  

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Clear the Fear: Cat’s Angel Message for January 21, 2018  

January’s Theme: Focus on dreams and goals not your fears or past happenings. Thoughts manifest into reality and through positive focus we lessen the power of the things we fear.

Faith is taking the first step,
even when you don’t see the whole staircase.
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

121: In today’s society it seems that we have more responsibilities and things that require our money and time. It’s easy to become overwhelmed which can cause us to weighted down with worry and fear about everything from the future to finances. When we allow these things to take hold it overrides our positive thoughts and energies as well as blocking our forward progress. Our angels are reminding us today of how powerful our thoughts really are. We are responsible for how our lives turn out and how we think, react and see things plays a BIG part in that. The angels know that we have it in us to accomplish great things so they asking us to do our best at keeping our thoughts aligned with our dreams and goals. They are always available to help us and  all we need to do is ask. Have faith in the Universe and in yourself, have patience and believe that you are worthy of great things, and don’t forget to tend your thought seeds to help them grow and manifest your efforts into reality.

Keep working with Archangel Sandalphon to ensure that your prayers and requests are answered and delivered. Ascended Master Buddha helps us to find peace during times of stress and shows how to balance the things going on in our lives so that we don’t become overwhelmed and the Egyptian goddess Maat provides clarity when we feel confused or unsure. She brings order to our thoughts so that we can see the truth in all situations. Our Sacred Stones for today are:

Yellow Jasper helps provide clarity on mental and emotional levels. It also starts us in a positive direction while helping us to find realistic and workable solutions.

Turquoise helps to purify our energy and clears away negative energy. it aids our problem solving skills and protects us against self self sabotaging thoughts and actions.

Howlite helps to calm stress, fear and promotes patience as it provides a link to the universal realms and prepares the mind to receive guidance.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!


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