So Many Reasons To Be Positive: Cat’s Angel Message for April 17, 2018 

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So Many Reasons To Be Positive: Cat’s Angel Message for April 17, 2018 

 April Theme:  We are being challenged to change ourselves. You have the power to make things happen and the Universe is on your side.

Self-care is critical to having a strong inner foundation. Taking good care of YOU means the people in your life will receive the best of you rather than what is left of you. – Lorraine Cohen

417: Over the last few days we’ve been working on letting go and this process helps us create a more positive vibe. We have so many reasons to be positive and the angels want us to know that we are doing a great job. Take some time for yourself today  and engage in whatever makes your spirit sing. Days like this are good for us emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Read, hike, exercise, create, dance or make use of some alone time, the possibilities are endless! Whatever you choose to do will help to promote positive flow and allow you to ground, center and balance. Start your day with a big self hug and above all be kind to yourself!

The angel Gamaliel brings us gifts, blessings and abundance. The Celtic Goddess Cordelia helps us in finding needed respite so that we can replenish ourselves. She renews our spirit and fills us with joy and laughter. To assist in loving self care you can call on the Ascended Master Maitreya (aka Laughing Buddha) who promotes laughter, joy and peace, his joyful spirit helps us to release anxiety and worry.

To enhance this peaceful vibration use Rose Quartz to promote self love and care. If you need to relax, using Blue Calcite will help as it gently soothes the nerves and anxiety, Red Calcite provides and emotional boost and Orange Calcite helps to balance the emotions as it energizes and cleanses.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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