What do You Need?  Cat’s Angel Message for September 23, 2018 

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What do You Need?  Cat’s Angel Message for September 23, 2018 

September’s Theme: This month will involve working on our Life Mission/ Purpose. Sometimes we have a clear vision of what that is and sometimes we don’t.  Remember that everything you do has an impact on your world and the people in it and around you.  It can be simple, like making “tiny miracles” happen for others or even making your own life or the life of a loved one better. Sometime’s the small things are the best!

We should not moor a ship with one anchor, or our life with one hope. – Epictetus

923: We’re starting today  with a message from the Ascended Masters. “We are here to help you navigate life’s path and we can assist you with all things. We are part of your support system and will come and help if you just ask.” Working with AM’s is like getting advice from a wise teacher and their messages will have a more human connection. Call upon them today if you need help, a warm mental hug or even inner peace. Allow their calming influence to soothe your spirit and clear your mind. Call on any Ascended Master or choose one from the list below if you have a specific concerns:

Buddha: Helps us find balance and the path to inner peace.

Maitreya: Teaches us about the importance of laughter in our lives.

Moses: Communication with God, faith and leadership

Saint Germain: Life Purpose, direction

Saint John of God: Helps with anxiety and depression

Saint Padre Pio: Healing/healers, spiritual growth

Saint Therese: Healing, spiritual counseling

Serapis Bey: Loving care, spiritual insight or peace

Solomon: Helps you do things better and more efficiently

Vywamus: Helps lightworkers, all aspects of Life Purpose, Inspiration, discovering talents.

Our Sacred Stones for today are:  Moldavite which elevates our consciousness and helps us to connect to the Ascended Masters. Rose Quartz to bring peace and healing and Larimar which helps us to see the things that we have to be grateful for and the tiny miracles that we take for granted.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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