More Than One Idea: Cat’s Angel Message for April 8, 2019 

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More Than One Idea: Cat’s Angel Message for April 8, 2019 

April Theme: We are being challenged to change ourselves. You have the power to make things happen and the Universe is on your side.

‘Mad’ is a term we use to describe a man who is obsessed with one idea and nothing else. – Ugo Betti

48: Today we are receiving assistance from the “Angels of Abundance”. Things are working in your favor so stay focused on creating and opening the channels of positive flow that will bring new opportunities. Remember that in order to receive you must be open to it. Fear and worry will shut that door and cause you to miss out. Don’t get caught up in the whirlpool of worry or obsess about money. Acknowledge the need and turn your concerns over to the angels. They want you to know that you are being taken care of and that blessings are headed your way. Mentally affirm that you are open to and ready to receive the prosperity and abundance that the universe has in store for you!

This is a list of the Angels of Abundance. Raziel: Helps to manifest prosperity and abundance Barakiel: Brings good fortune and helps us to open our hearts to receive. Gadiel: Help us to release negativity and provides direction. Gamaliel: Brings gifts, blessings and abundance. Pathiel: Helps to open the gates of positive manifestation. The Ascended Master Maitreya teaches us that laughter and joy creates the positive energy we need to propel us forward. It helps us to let go stress and worry, which allows the light of faith and hope to shine through. And the Hindu goddess Lakshmi helps to draw abundance and what we truly need right now. She says, “You are worthy of so many wonderful things! Let me help you to clear the way so that these gifts can be given to you. Make room and feel the lightness it creates within your spirit.”

Our Sacred Stones for today include: Gentle Rhodonite helps to balance both mental and physical energy. It shows us all sides to any given situation and clears away confusion and helps to promote confidence. It’s calming influence helps us to ground and balance even during chaotic or upsetting situations, and sunny golden Citrine which draws abundance and brings our self confidence forward. It promotes the optimistic mindset necessary to activate the manifestation process and nudges us into action by aiding in decision making and creative problem solving.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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