Cat’s Morning Bits for July 8, 2019

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Cat’s Morning Bits for July 8, 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


A moon-flooded prairie; a straying
Of leal-hearted lovers; a baying
Of far away watching dogs; a dreaming
Of brown-fisted farmers; a gleaming
Of fireflies eddying nigh, –
And that is July!
-James N. Matthews (1852-1910)


Spiritual Unite: Koala Spirit Animal – Relaxing Is A Must

When the koala spirit animal appears in your life, it is a message that you need to slow down, take some time off and reconnect with your energy and with nature.
These marsupials are native to Australia and live an arboreal lifestyle, hanging from the branches of its favorite eucalyptus tree.


ThoughtCo: How to Hold a Gratitude Ritual

For many Pagans, autumn is a time of giving thanks. Although this is the most obvious around the Mabon holiday, if you live in the United States, most of your friends and family will be giving thanks in November. If you’d like to tie in to that a little, but with a Pagan flair, you might want to consider doing a short gratitude ritual as a way of expressing your own thankfulness


MBG: Ready For Bold Self-Love? Try These 4 Tone Ups For The Heart Chakra

There are over 700,000 heart attacks reported each year in the U.S., and cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in this country. Rightfully so, conventional medicine puts a great deal of effort toward preventing heart disease. And yet, our nation continues to die of heartbreak—literally. Managing risk factors such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, diabetes, and obesity can be very effective, yet I believe there is an additional dimension to the heart that requires an entirely different kind of support.


Daily Good: The Daily Opportunity in Randomness

“The physicist Leonard Mlodinow changes how we think about the agency we have in shaping our own destinies. As a scientist, he works with principles like Brownian motion, by which Einstein helped verify the existence of molecules and atoms. As the child of Holocaust survivors, he dances with the experience we all have: that life never goes as planned, and yet the choices we make can matter. The course of your life depends on how you react to opportunities and challenges that randomness presents to you, he says.”


Daily Tarot: The Tower

People may be expecting or needing you to be laid-back and easy to deal with but your own inclinations may make you seem more difficult and demanding. You may see yourself as just being direct while others consider you as being tactless. Save yourself a lot of grief and use extra care with your words and actions. If someone gets bent out of shape, try to catch it instantly and stop it as soon as you can.


Elephant Journal: Real Awakenings are Not Elegant—they are Messy, Ugly, Shattered & Raw.

I want to have an awakening like they do in the movies.
You know, where the protagonist experiences their quantum shift with elegance and grace, leading us, the audience, into a wonderful montage (complete with awesome music) of all the ways their life will now improve.


MNN: How old bras are saving injured turtles

With the right expertise, it doesn’t take much to repair an injured turtle shell.
Wildlife rehabbers glue the broken shells back together and then hold the pieces firmly in place with wire.


Today’s Deity: Erecura

Erecura or Aerecura /ɛrɪˈkjʊərə/ (also found as Herecura or Eracura)was a goddess worshipped in ancient times, often thought to be Celtic in origin, mostly represented with the attributes of Proserpina and associated with the Roman underworld god Dis Pater, as on an altar from Sulzbach. She appears with Dis Pater in a statue found at Oberseebach, Switzerland, and in several magical texts from Austria, once in the company of Cerberus and once probably with Ogmios. A further inscription to her has been found near Stuttgart, Germany.


EarthSky News: Use Big Dipper to find Polaris

Tonight, use the Big Dipper in the constellation Ursa Major the Great Bear to find the sky’s northern pole star, Polaris. This is the star around which the whole northern celestial sphere appears to turn throughout the night. That’s because this star is located nearly above Earth’s northern axis. In times past, wanderers on the northern face of Earth used Polaris to stay on course

Patheos-Pagan: 11 Cool Places to Visit in the Secret Country of Yourself 

Your Unique Inner World
The secret country of yourself is your unique inner world. Your visions and dreams happen there; it is the birthplace of inspiration. There you may engage with your past and future selves, dance the fire with your spirit guides, connect to the archetypes that make up your personal pantheon. The possibilities are endless!


Inner Journey:


“If you wish to know the mind of a man, listen to his words.”
— Chinese Proverb

What passes over your lips each day?

Are your words typically negative, critical, gossiping, deceptive, illusory, justifying, blaming, manipulative and argumentative? Are they more uplifting, inspirational, positive, questioning, beautiful, loving, universal, truthful, accepting and supportive?

The throat is our center of expression. Who we are sneaks out in our attitudes and in what we say.

“Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.”
— Pearl Strachan Hurd

“The wise weigh their words on a scale with gold.”
— Bible

A Note from the Universe

In times of great stress and great joy you are completely surrounded by loved ones in the unseen who adore and support you, wanting to share whatever you’re experiencing.

So, at those times, if you can remember to be calm and quiet and go within, you’ll feel them, you’ll remember them, and you’ll benefit most from their presence.

“Look, Cat is smiling… Whoohoooo!!!”

The Universe

Today’s Recipe: Kidney Bean Salad Recipes

Kidney beans are often an ingredient in three bean salad recipes, but they can be used alone to create delicious bean salads.

Magical Correspondences for Monday

Intentions: Psychic Sensitivity, Women’s Mysteries, Tides, Waters, Emotional Issues, Agriculture, Animals, Female Fertility, Messages, Theft, Reconcilliations, Voyages, Dreams, Medicine, Visions and Merchandise

Incense: African Violet, Honeysuckle, Myrtle, Willow, Wormwood
Planet: Moon
Sign: Cancer
Angel: Gabriel
Colors: Silver, White and Gray
Herbs/Plants: Night Flowers, Willow Root, Orris Root, Birch, Motherwort, Vervain, White Rose and White Iris
Stones: Carnelian, Moonstone, Aquamarine, Pearl, Clear Quartz, Flourite, Geodes
Oil: (Moon) Jasmine, Lemon, Sandalwood

Goddesses: Luna, Selene, Diana, Re, Gaeleach, Ida, Artemis [Whom The Greeks Associated With Bast], The Witches, Yemaya, Erzulie, Bast

Daily Wisdom
July 8, 2019


“If we insist on being as sure as is conceivable… we must be content to creep along the ground, and can never soar.”

-John Henry Cardinal Newman

“Playing it safe” is a choice – but if we make that choice every time, life could get boring. Sometimes it’s good to take a risk, to leap into uncertainty with both feet! Maybe we’ll fall, and maybe we’ll fly- but we won’t know “for sure” until we’ve actually done it!

-Lissa Coffey


Natural Living Ideas: How To Make Your Own Rose Water & 14 Ways to Use It

Beautifully fragrant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and edible, rose water is an extremely versatile item to have on hand.

Save dollars and ensure the purity of your product by making your own DIY rose water – a surprisingly simple process.

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