No Expectations: Cat’s Angel Message for July 8, 2019

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No Expectations: Cat’s Angel Message for July 8, 2019

July’s Theme: Pay attention to your path. You will be receiving important guidance this month so get ready to receive some important guidance.If something compels you to take action this is the time to go for it!

Be clear that expectations are demands. Demanding that life turn out the way we prefer is a sure path to disappointment and suffering. Happiness lies in having no expectations, and accepting life as it comes. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

78:  Over the last few months we have been working to perfect our balance. This is essential to our overall growth and has a direct effect as we create our path through life an dour own spirituality. Balance  helps us to focus and see clearly the things that truly matter and put things like material gain into perspective. Today the Universe is reminding us that balance starts with gratitude and it’s a good time to do a little path maintenance. If you’ve been slacking and letting weeds grow on your path then  it’s time to get started. It’s easier and less “stress-full” to clear as we go instead of putting it off and becoming overwhelmed. Our lives and paths are works in progress and they both require effort and elbow grease to make things happen. Use the old grade school lesson of Stop-Look- Listen to help you navigate “success-fully”.

*STOP and perform a self assessment: Are you where you need/want to be?

*LOOK forward not back.

*LISTEN to your inner guidance system.

Archangel Michael gives us the strength that we need to choose wisely and make decisions on our own. He provides direction when we feel lost or overwhelmed. He sets us on the path of commitment to our purpose by providing courage and direction as he shows us how to work through any obstacles that pop up. He teaches us that we have what it takes to create new things for ourselves as he helps us reach new levels of self confidence. The Himalayan Ascended Master Babaji helps us to achieve the personal and spiritual growth necessary for the letting go process . Letting go is a form of simplifying your life. It frees your energy so that you can work on what’s important. Greek goddess Persephone tells us “Don’t be afraid to unearth what lies beneath. By shedding light in dark or weedy places you often find treasures that you had forgotten. These treasures can form the foundations that you need to navigate your path in life.”


Our Sacred Stones for today include:

  • Gentle  Seraphinite helps to clears the heart chakra  opens us to love on all levels. It is also used to review the progress that you have made in life, and shows the changes that we need to make to best helps us on our path.
  • Sugilite which is sometimes called Archangel Michael’s stone. This is a stone of spiritual love and awareness and promotes Divine interaction and communication. Sugilite also encourages positive thinking and teaches us to live our truth and to trust our intuition.
  •  Green Calcite helps us to heal on a mental level by promoting balance and communication.. It assists with the letting go and weed pulling process and invites divine flow into our lives by dissolving rigid beliefs and outdated programming.

Bright blessings for a magickal day! Cat

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