Thought For The Day: Feb. 26, 2020 “To Heal or Harm”

Happy Wednesday,

Words are a superpower and with them, we have the power to heal or cause harm. Today be mindful of your words and choose them with care. If someone tries to use their evil superpower to ruin your day don’t let them. Thwart them by responding with a pleasant comeback. Leave them scratching their heads and wondering “What the heck just happened?” Reaction is 95% to having a good day. You have choices, so choose wisely.

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1 thought on “Thought For The Day: Feb. 26, 2020 “To Heal or Harm”

  1. Thank you always being so friendly Cat 💜💜💜 It seems some people even here in WordPress doesn’t like my style. I work hard (making notes) and not socialize so much. Especially some men don’t seem to understand it.


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