Cat’s Morning Bits for February 28, 2020

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Cat’s Morning Bits for February 28, 2020

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


Poor robin redbreast,
Look where he comes;
Let him in to feel your fire,
And toss him of your crumbs.
-Christina G. Rossetti (1830-94)


Spiritual Unite: Leaf Symbolic Meaning – Life Giving And Taking

The symbolic meaning of the leaf and leaves is as old as time.
We can find extensive symbolism from cultures all around the world for the plants they grow.

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ThoughtCo: How To Properly Dispose of Ritual and Magic Tools

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you may decide that you have a ritual tool you no longer need. Perhaps you’ve got three athames too many, or someone has gifted you with a new chalice and you’re tired of the old one, or maybe that deck of Tarot cards just doesn’t speak to you the way it used to.

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MBG: Palo Santo: Uses, Benefits & How To Buy It Responsibly

Even if you couldn’t put a name to it at the time, you’ve probably enjoyed the signature scent of palo santo at some point. The sweet, smoky fragrance is an intoxicating go-to for anyone looking to cleanse and clear their space. But before going out and grabbing a palo santo stick or essential oil, it’s important to understand the history of this celebrated holy wood and how to use it in a respectful way.

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Today’s DIY: Birds Nest DIY – Easter Spring Craft to make

Let’s have fun making easy and budget friendly bird nest! I can guarantee it is the craft to have this spring. Easter nest diy. Spring crafts


Elephant Journal: Toxic People, Energy Vampires & Empaths: How to Set Boundaries Compassionately.

“We need more boundaries in a world full of people with bad intentions.”
On my personal spiritual quest, I came across many paths and many answers (or at least what I’d thought would be the right answers). My sensitive soul sparkled and searched for divine connection, and with that came all the tribulations of an enlightening yet painful self-discovery journey.

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MNN: Feeling connected to nature makes children happier, too

There’s plenty of research demonstrating the link between being in nature and being happy, but most of the research has focused on adults.
In a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, researchers wanted to see if kids reap the same feel-good benefits from being in the great outdoors.


EarthSky News: Looks like Earth has a new natural moon

The International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center (MPC) announced late yesterday that Earth has a new “temporary captured object”: a tiny new moon apparently captured into Earth orbit three years ago. This object has been designated 2020 CD3. In a Minor Planet Electronic Circular (MPEC) for February 25, 2020, astronomers wrote that multiple observations confirmed:

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Patheos-Pagan: Our Gods Are Not Jealous Gods: The Importance of Building a Pagan Worldview

Once again I’m seeing people talking about how a certain God is angry with them for paying attention to other deities. Or how they’ve been told They want an exclusive relationship, and hinted that Bad Things will happen if They don’t get it.

Our Gods Are Not Jealous Gods: The Importance of Building a Pagan Worldview


Inner Journey:


“If you see your path laid out in front of you — Step one, Step two, Step three — you only know one thing… it is not your path. Your path is created in the moment of action. If you can see it laid out in front of you, you can be sure it is someone else’s path. That is why you see it so clearly.”
— Joseph Campbell

What? No one to follow? Now that’s a scary thought!

And yet, that’s what life asks each of us to do – to chart our own path. We are each unique. We’re told our uniqueness is our gift to the world. And so why would we even want to follow in someone else’s footsteps?

Can we trust ourselves to carve our own trail?

“To know how to choose a path with heart is to learn how to follow intuitive feeling.”
— Jean Shinoda Bolen

A Note from the Universe 

Fret not.

Time is on your side.

So are all the angels.

And “no” is never forever.

I got you, babe –

The Universe

Today’s Recipe: Baked Chicken Parmesian Dip

Skip the soggy texture of traditional chicken Parmesan, and make this dip version instead. After draining our ricotta cheese overnight,

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Magical Correspondences for Friday

Intentions: Love, Pleasure, Affairs of the Heart, Romance, Marriage, Sexual Matters, Physical Beauty, Friendship and Partnerships, Strangers, Peace, Healing, Beauty, gentleness and Women’s Issues.

Incense: Strawberry, Sandalwood, Rose, Saffron, Verbena and Vanilla
Planet: Venus
Sign: Libra and Taurus
Angel: Ariel
Colors: Green, Pink, Aqua
Herbs/Plants: Pink Rose, Ivy, Birch, Heather, Clematis, Sage, Violet and Water Lilly

Stones: Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pink Tourmaline, Peridot, Emerald and Jade
Oil: (Venus) Cardamom, Palmarosa, Rose, Yarrow, Apple Blossom, Musk, Ambergris

Goddesses: Astarte, Aphrodite, Erzulie, Aida Wedo, Eve, Venus, Freya, Diana, Aset [Isis], The Witch Of Gaeta, Chalchiuhtlique

Daily Wisdom
February 28, 2020


“No good thing is pleasant to possess without friends to share it.”

-Seneca the Younger (5? B.C. – A.D. 65)

What’s the point of having a big screen TV if you can’t have some friends over for an NBA play-offs party every once in awhile? I don’t think Seneca the Younger had that specifically in mind when he wrote this, but I’m sure they had something of the equivalent in his day! Whatever we have is more sweet when it is shared.

-Lissa Coffey


Daily Tarot: The World

Lucky you! The World card symbolizes freedom and well-being, which can both be obtained via working through existing romantic issues. The sense of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being you want from a relationship is yours for the taking, but you have to be willing to do the work it takes to not only get it but to keep it, too. An upcoming romantic adventure is linked to your success today.

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