The Work Is Worth It: Cat’s Angel Message for June 7, 2020

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The Work Is Worth It: Cat’s Angel Message for June 7, 2020

June’s Theme: Maintaining balance in all areas of our lives. (material, spiritual, goals, dreams, self, etc.) Create and invite good things through focus and faith while staying grounded and present.

Being the best you can be is hard work which requires periods of rest where you can check your progress. ~Cat

67:  Our message today indicates the positive progress that we have made in the areas of personal growth and change.  We have reached a balance checkpoint today and the angels are asking us to make time for an internal review. Take a look and see how well balanced you are on your path and how this relates to material issues. If things are balanced out….. HIGH FIVE! However, if you are tipping the scales then it’s time to ground and center and make the adjustments needed to even things out. Actually, grounding and centering is a good plan either way. It clears the mind, promotes peace, and sharpens your overall vision. Use meditation, walk barefoot in the grass, or just sit and breathe. Remember that whatever works for you is the right way.

Today’s Spirit Helpers include:


Archangel Chamuel helps us to recover things we have lost. while he usually works with lost items he can also help when we feel out of balance by showing us the reason behind it. He also assists us as we navigate our path by helping us to find the direction and guidance that needed to move forward on this journey of self-discovery. If you feel like you have wandered off your path and are having trouble finding your way back he can help you get your bearings.


The Ascended Master Melchizedek helps keep our energy balanced and flowing. This is essential for using our gifts and understanding the information we receive. He can also help to diffuse unpleasant situations that can arise as we go through change and transformation. Since he helps us heal through color, pay attention to the colors that draw you or feel relevant.


The Egyptian Goddess Maat teaches us that the point of balance is thin and feather-light. It is achieved through truth and self-honesty. She tells us ” Honor yourself by being truthful. It is the truth that creates order out of difficult or confusing situations. It is also the truth that keeps your inner scales balanced, your energy free, and your heart feather-light.”

Our Sacred Stones for today include:

Rhodonite. This gentle stone helps to balance both mental and physical energy. It shows us all sides to any given situation and clears away confusion and helps to promote confidence. Its calming influence helps us to ground and balance even during chaotic or upsetting situations. It also helps to promote the feeling of brotherhood. It also helps to clear and activate the heart chakra which is essential to embracing gratitude while promoting a loving and balanced approach to life and encourages a positive attitude and creativity.

Desert Rose (Selenite). These beautiful stone “flowers” help to increase our understanding of our own personal value in the universal plan. It dissolves outdated self-imposed programming and helps us to replace it with new ideas and self-perspective.

The gentle energy of Seraphinite clears the heart chakra and helps to open us to love on all levels. It is also used to review the progress that you have made in life and shows the changes that we need to make to best helps us on our path.

Blessings for a magickal day! Cat

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