Thought For The Day: July 2, 2020 “Just Start”

Happy Thursday,

Making changes and moving forward can be a little scary. We want to make things happen but may not know how to start. It all starts with that first step. Maybe that first step is the gathering of information or setting something in motion. The step doesn’t need to be big so baby steps will work just fine. What’s important is that you take that first step. You can do it!

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1 thought on “Thought For The Day: July 2, 2020 “Just Start”

  1. Hi, Cat πŸ’œ πŸ’œ πŸ’œ You always find the correct words. I’ve felt a bit down. My intention was to be here on WP every day, but I have had some sleeping problems (after the heat 😰) It’s gone now, but my body takes a long time to get used to the normal climate again. Funny. And I have also read a lot of Tarot cards, Dream interpretations (I have seen strange dreams, and my sleeping -routine is upside down) Also my computer have done me some tricks, and I have had to fix it sometimes very late. Have a lovely and Magickal weekend 🌸 🌸 🌸 I have about 70 emails waiting to be read, and it’s already very late here (23:40 P.M.) My sleeping -time.


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