Thought For The Day: August 25, 2020 “Nature Pictures”

Happy Tuesday,

People are busy creatures and when get busy we often fail to notice the beauty around us. I consider myself lucky. I live in an older neighborhood with lots of old trees and yards full of shrubs and flowers. Beauty is everywhere and the changing seasons are easy to see and appreciate. For serious city dwellers, it might be harder to see. But the truth is that the beauty of nature is EVERYWHERE. In the clouds, that little tree on the corner, the birds, a planter full of flowers, in the sunrise or the sunset or the sweep of stars across the night sky. What painting do you see today?

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1 thought on “Thought For The Day: August 25, 2020 “Nature Pictures”

  1. I am also very, very lucky to live in a place, there is just nature around. I see lots of Rabbits, hedgehogs, squirrels, even foxes (too bad; one cat was eaten by one fox this summer, though 🦊 😿


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