Cat’s Morning Bits for October 5, 2021

Cat’s Morning Bits for October 5, 2021

Good Morning Beautiful Souls! Grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


October Quotes

“He is outside of everything, and alien everywhere. He is an aesthetic solitary. His beautiful, light imagination is the wing that on the autumn evening just brushes the dusky window.”

  • Henry James


October Events:

Oct 6 New Moon at 4:05 am PST/ 5:05 am MST/ 7:05 am EST

Oct 11 Indigenous Peoples Day / Thanksgiving day: Canada

Oct 18 Mercury goes direct

Oct 20 Full Blood Moon at 7:56 am PST/ 8:56 am MST/ 10:56 am EST

Oct 23 Sun enters Scorpio

Oct 28 Celtic Tree Month of Reed begins

Oct 31 Samhain / Halloween


Spirit Library: Release Expectations & Attachments
Kate Spreckley

There is an intensity to our current process of awakening, healing and growth that is radically shifting and upgrading our energetic operating system. It can be difficult to find stability or traction as many of the things we are focusing on or wanting to bring into form feel like moving targets as all that is no longer needed or required is being eliminated and cleared.

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DRAGONS: History, Mythology, Meaning


The spiritual meaning of seeing a black cat varies from culture to culture. Cats have been living with humans for centuries. It’s not known why black cats have a link with magic and witches

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ThoughtCo: Curanderismo: The Folk Magic of Mexico

In many Hispanic communities in the United States, as well as in Mexico and parts of Central and South America, people often turn to the services of a curandero or curandera. The curandera (this is the feminine form, the masculine ends with the –ero) is someone who practices curanderismo

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Dreaming about clothes and clothing helps us understand how we express ourselves, our sense of self and how we would like others to see us.

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MBG: How To Harness The Libra New Moon To Revolutionize Your Relationships

On Wednesday, October 6, 2021 (at 7:05 a.m. EDT), the 2021 Libra new moon marks one of the most promising days for harmonizing your relationships. It’s the year’s only new moon in graceful, commitment-focused Libra.

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Daily Magick Snippets: Magickal Names From Stones

Diamond: ( clear)

This is a good name for the highly intelligent person or the person who wants to enhance their self image. This is the person who knows they are smart but has trouble letting others see that side of them and may play the clown to stay off the radar..

written by Cat

source:The New Book of Magical Names by Phoenix McFarland


Wu-wei | The Art of Letting Things Happen


Elephant Journal: New Moon In Libra: Leaning into Balance, Harmony, Beauty, & Love. {October 6, 2021}

We just spent a month in Virgo, collectively doing the work of self-analysis and personal development.
We were critically discerning what works for us and our bodies, and what needs to be purged or purified so that we can evolve into a picture of wholeness.

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Treehugger: Half a Million Acres of the Scottish Highlands Will Be Rewilded

An ambitious rewilding project will play a major role in restoring Scotland’s natural environment. Over thirty years, an initiative run by the charity Trees for Life will link up a huge swath of 500,000 acres, known as the Affric Highlands, as one vast nature recovery area.

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EarthSky News: Why Is Mars Sometimes Bright? But Not In October 2021

2020 was a good year to view Mars. For part of that year, Mars appeared as a blazing red dot of flame in our night sky. But, although Mars started this year shining brightly, it quickly faded. And it went on to appear quite dim throughout 2021.

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Patheos-Pagan: Do the Ancestors Need an Altar?

Not so recently, my life took a change for the better. way more difficult, but better in the long term. it has been one sacrifice after the other, getting use to a new place, taking care of myself and my family, …….

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How to Make a Spell Jar for Love, Herbal Grimoire Pages and love Magic, Magical Crafting


Inner Journey: A NEW VIEW

A friend shared this moment of awakening. She was moaning, “I never get anything done.” Her companion replied, “Perhaps you never get EVERYTHING done.” Oh… of course!

A shift in perspective can bring both understanding and release.

“Besides learning to see, there is another art to be learned — not to see what is not.”
— Maria Mitchell


A Note from the Universe

In the beginning:

Work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, play.

Upon discovering how to spiritually do more, be more, and have more:

Work, play, work, work, play, work, play, work, work, play.

Upon discovering you don’t have to do more, be more, and have more, instead, you get to:

Play, play, nap, play, play, play, play, nap, play, play, play.

Let your player out –

The Universe


Today’s Recipe: 15 Pumpkin Drinks That Aren’t Lattes

Once fall rolls around, you can’t pop into a coffee shop — whether local or a chain — without being overwhelmed with the pumpkin spice latte advertising. If you’re in the mood to take a break from your autumn go-to or are not a huge java fan in the first place, we’ve got you covered with these tasty pumpkin drink ideas.

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Magical Correspondences for Tuesday

Magickal Intentions: Courage, Physical Strength, Revenge, Military Honors, Surgery and the Breaking of Negative Spells, Matrimony, War, Enemies, Prison, Vitality and Assertiveness

Element: Fire

Incense: Dragon’s Blood, Patchouli
Planet: Mars
Star Signs: Aries and Scorpio
Angel: Samuel
Power Colors: Red and Orange
Herbs & Plants: Red Rose, Cock’s Comb, Pine, Daisy, Thyme and Pepper
Sacred Stones: Carnelian, Bloodstone, Ruby, Garnet and Pink Tourmaline
Oil: (Mars) Basil, Coriander, Ginger

Deities include Ares, Lilith, The Morrigan, Tiwaz, Tyr

Tuesday is ruled by Mars. Today’s energies align with all things masculine such as conflict, physical endurance and strength, lust, hunting, sports, and all types of competition. It can also be used for rituals involving surgical procedures or political ventures.


Daily Wisdom
October 2021

“You need to claim the events in your life to make yourself yours. When you truly possess all you have been and done, which may take some time, you are fierce with reality.”

-Florida Scott-Maxwell

All of the experiences we’ve gone through in life have brought us to where we are right now. When we look at the lessons learned, we understand that it’s all part of the process. We can’t change the past, and we can’t control the future, but we can live in this moment, aware and grateful for the person we are today

-Lissa Coffey


Daily Tarot: The Empress

Some big new opportunity could come your way today. Focus your attention on the one thing you want most to have happen and it won’t be able to resist you. You can be persuasive and graceful, smooth and strong all at the same time. Act with quiet confidence and be admired later. Today, enjoy having people listen and do almost everything you suggest


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