The Unseen: Cat’s Angel Message for January 20, 2022

The Unseen: Cat’s Angel Message for January 20, 2022

 January’s Theme: Stay focused on your desires and not your fears or past happenings. Get ready to manifest thought into reality.


Just believe. ~Cat


Today’s Message: The Unseen

120: There’s an old saying that goes ‘seeing is believing”. This is true to a certain extent. Today, our angels are asking us to believe in and have faith in the unseen. When we send our thoughts and intentions (seed thoughts) out into the universe we must have faith in what we cannot see and trust that things will work out in the best way possible. This requires us to be patient. While we wait we can help ourselves by holding our dreams and goals in an optimistic light and by using our current skills and talents or by investing in new skills that will help to create new opportunities. Remember that these skills will be necessary as these new paths open up before us. Your requests have been heard and the wheels are in motion so continue to work toward your dreams and goals because the energy that you send out is essential for the seed thoughts you have planted.

Today’s Spirit Helpers include:

Archangel Sandalphon hears all requests and makes sure that they get to the Angel or Ascended Master who is best able to handle them. Ask him to help you clearly understand the information that you receive (his favorite mode of communication is music and he is associated with the color turquoise!). Sandalphon also provides us with an emotional boost of courage. This is important as it helps us to make bold decisions that will help us on our path.   

The Ascended Master El Morya can help if you have trouble staying present and focused in the now. He teaches us the importance of putting aside what we cannot control so that we are free to think about other things. He reminds us that it is our faith that keeps us grounded so that we can embrace both the patience and the clear decision-making needed to make things happen.

The Hindu Goddess Devi helps us to find meaning in our lives and gently guides us in learning to follow our own inner wisdom. She says “Take my hand and let me guide you on your journey of self-discovery. You need only look within to find your true meaning. Release your cares to me and I will purify your heart and spirit so that new information can be sent to you. “

Today’s Sacred Stones include:

Amber bestows a positive mental state and helps us find balance, patience and aids in decision making. Use Amber to enhance your earth connection and to promote grounding. It is also a great healing stone (it’s actually tree resin) that helps to remove energetic impurities from the body.

Beryl teaches us how to fulfill our true potential. It helps us to see both sides of a situation, opportunity, or problem and promotes strategic planning so that we can use it to our best advantage.

Kyanite is a spiritual stone that helps us to connect to our guides by opening the paths of communication. It also allows us to speak from the heart and to speak our truth as it cuts through the things that are keeping us from moving forward.

Blessings for a magickal day! Cat

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