Spotlighting Change: Cat’s Angel Message for August 4, 2022

Spotlighting Change: Cat’s Angel Message for August 4, 2022

August Theme: Positive focus and creative solutions help to draw both prosperity and abundance this month.  You are a powerful creator and all that you need is within your grasp!


Embrace both endings and beginnings with grace. ~Cat


Today’s Message: Spotlighting Change

84: The angels and the universe are working together to help us create the necessary flow in our lives. Our dedication to creating a better life for ourselves is paying off. Always strive to be your authentic self and remain focused and open to new information and experiences, this will help you access your creative thinking more fully. (Creative thinking creates positive flow) Also in the divine spotlight, today is change. All things must end in order to create something new. This new cycle will bring new blessings better suited to our current needs and situations. Today the Universe is reminding us that even though we are accomplishing many good things that there is still work to do. ” You are doing a great job and as you continue to work toward actualizing your dreams stay focused and embrace patience. We are here to help you and you just need to ask!”

Today’s Spirit Helpers include:

Archangel Chamuel helps us to recover things we have lost. while he usually works with lost items he can also help when we feel out of balance by showing us the reason behind it. He also assists us as we navigate our path by helping us to find the direction and guidance that is needed to move forward on this journey of self-discovery. If you feel like you have wandered off your path and are having trouble finding your way back he can help you get your bearings.

The Ascended Master Solomon helps us to take what we are given and make the most of it. He teaches us how to do things more efficiently as he guides us through difficult situations. Focus and efficiency help us in our quest for personal evolution and help create the necessary stepping stones we need to move ahead.

The Yoruban Goddess Oya embodies the winds of change. She tells us, ” Allow the winds of change to flow through your being. In their wake, they will leave new energy seeds for you to plant. Use these seeds to help you on your journey. Remember child, that change must be embraced, not ignored or simply put up with. Allow these changes to inspire and encourage you to transcend your self-imposed limitations.”

Today’s Sacred Stones include:

Cerussite helps to keep us grounded, and stimulate new growth while teaching us to be flexible and how to adapt to the changes we have made, as well as the new things that are offered.

Galena helps us to stay grounded and centered. It helps to open the mind as it dissolves self-limiting thoughts from our past that can get in our way during the manifestation process.

Kunzite. This high vibration stone can help to create a balanced partnership with the Universe as it opens your heart to receiving Divine love.

Blessings for a magickal day! Cat

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