September 1-2, 2020 Full “Barley” Moon

September Full “Barley’ Moon on Sept. 1/2, 2020

Times: 10:22 pm PST/ 11:22 pm MST/ 1:22 am EST

This months moon is called the Barley Moon because it is the time to harvest and thresh the ripe grains. Other crops are also harvested at this time. For example, many of the Native American tribes’ staple foods, such as corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and rice, were ready for harvesting during this month. The strong light of the Harvest Moon allowed European farmers to work late into the night to harvest their crops which is where the name came from. This moon does not always occur in September and traditionally, the name goes to the full moon closest to the autumn equinox, the Harvest Moon sometimes happens in September and sometimes in October.

Other names for this moon are: Chrysanthemum Moon (china), Nut Moon (Cherokee), Mulberry Moon (Choctaw), Singing Moon (Celtic), Corn Moon (Farmers Almanac) and Barley Moon (medieval English), and depending the date of the Sept Full Moon it is sometime referred to as the Harvest Moon.

The September moon will be in Pisces. Intuition, empathy and imagination are our keywords. This dreamy water sign can keep us from seeing things as they are. During this time we will be receiving messages that will help us in both short and long term. Use your intuition wisely and look at things closely so that you don’t “dream” off coarse. Do your best to stay present and focused on what is happening within you and around you.

As Mother Earth begins her journey into the dark part of the year, the sun pulls away and we get that welcome autumn chill. September is a time of hearth and home as well as a time to acknowledge the things that we have accomplished since spring. This full moon is the perfect time to clear away emotional and physical clutter that has been accumulated since Spring. Another activity for Kitchen Witches involves setting up or cleaning up your kitchen or hearth altar for the coming season of introspection.

To get in the autumn mood and celebrate this months element of earth tby wearing browns, greens and other earthy colors.

Sacred Stones: Citrine, Peridot, Bloodstone or other stones that represent the changing leaves.

Sacred Herbs: Grains, Valerian, Witch Hazel

Deities: Hearth Goddesses, Harvest deities, Demeter, Brighid, Vesta, Freya

Full moon blessings!


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