Cat’s Morning Bits for April 2, 2019

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Cat’s Morning Bits for April 2, 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


The beautiful spring came, and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.
-Harriet Ann Jacobs (1813-97)


Spirit Library: Empathy Matters

Empathy is the ability to understand and relate to other people and animals.

Empathy is being able to see the world or a situation from someone else’s perspective and also appreciate how they might feel.

Empathy can even be in walking in someone else’s shoes, so to speak


MNN: How to improve your mood in 12 minutes

What do you do when you’re in a bad mood? Maybe you grab a bowl of ice cream or plop down in front of the TV. Or perhaps you do something healthier like go for a walk or write in a journal.


Daily Good: Befriending Our Despair

Joanna Rogers Macy is an environmental activist, author, and scholar of Buddhism, general systems theory, and deep ecology. In this short video she advises that pain alerts us to what needs attention. Pain is not the enemy of cheerfulness, but tells us there is suffering. When we face suffering, our hearts and eyes open to beauty. We are not alone in our despair and when we have the courage to speak of it, it cracks open so the love can be found. The key is not being afraid of the pain, not being afraid of the worlds suffering. If you arent afraid, nothing can stop you


Elephant Journal: Discover your Celtic Tree Zodiac Sign & what it Means.

Not everyone resonates with the characteristics set out in traditional Western Zodiac signs.
Fortunately, there is another way of discovering more about personalities and behaviours than simply looking at constellations.
The Celts hold an ancient belief that we all derive from trees, and our date of birth is interconnected with the qualities found in nature. They say that the season we were born in is pivotal to the formation of our individual tendencies and traits


MBG: Weekly Horoscope: This Planetary Face-Off Will Start The Week Off On A Dreamy Note

This week, the AstroTwins unpack why Monday and Tuesday could be off to a slow start. But have no fear: Friday will more than make up for it.
On Tuesday, Mercury and Neptune will make everything feel a little hazy.


EarthSky News: Use the Big Dipper to find the Little Dipper

So you say you can find the Big Dipper, but not the Little Dipper? This post is for you. Here’s the view northward on April evenings. At present the Big Dipper is high in the north during the evening hours. Notice the two outer stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper. These two stars – called Duhbe and Merak – always point to Polaris, the North Star. Find Polaris, and you can find the Little Dipper.

Patheos-Pagan: Following Your Own Path to Paganism

We know that everyone’s journey to paganism, witchy-ness and polytheism is their own, yet I’ve seen so many people hesitate even starting their path or learning more for fear of doing things the “wrong way” or being told to do things a certain way.


Inner Journey:


“Character isn’t inherited. One builds it daily by the way one thinks and acts, thought by thought, action by action. If one lets fear or hate or anger take possession of the mind, they become self-forged chains.”
— Helen Douglas

How do you feel about anger, in yourself and in others?
How do you deal with it?

Anger is powerful energy. If we are afraid of this energy, we may attempt to deny or hide it. And when we lack control of the energy of anger, we impose it on other people or things.

The ways we react to anger usually reflect how we experienced anger as children and how our own anger when we were young was handled by the adults at the time.

In reality, anger, like any emotion, brings us information. It tells us how we feel about what is being experienced. If we receive anger’s message and learn more about ourselves, the energy will pass.

“Too often we underestimate how quickly our feelings are going to change because we underestimate our ability to change them.”
— David Gilbert

A Note from the Universe

Yes it’s true. There are so many things you don’t know. Things, quite frankly, that you can’t know. About the magic, the unseen, and the miraculous logistics that can so swiftly change a life. It’s enough to daunt even the hardiest of souls.

But, then again one needn’t learn the mysteries of the wind, to sail effortlessly around the world, either.

Actually, you got a pretty good deal.

Land ho,

The Universe

Today’s Recipe: Fresh Papaya Chutney

This flavorful fruit based condiment complements many Indian dishes. Chutney can also be used as a sandwich spread and as topping on various meats, either when cooking or later on the side

Magical Correspondences for Tuesday 

Intentions: Courage, Destination, Physical Strength, Revenge, Military Honors, Surgery and the Breaking of Negative Spells, Matrimony, War, Enemies, Prison, Vitality and Assertiveness

Incense: Dragon’s Blood, Patchouli, Lignum Aloes, Plantain

Perfumes: Hellebore, Carnation, Patchouli
Planet: Mars
Sign: Aries and Scorpio
Angel: Samuel
Colors: Red and Orange
Herbs/Plants:Red Rose, Cock’s Comb, Pine, Daisy, Thyme and Pepper
Stones: Carnelian, Bloodstone, Ruby, Garnet and Pink Tourmaline
Oil: (Mars) Basil, Coriander, Ginger

Goddesses: Aset [Isis], Soorejnaree, Pingalla, Anna, Aine, Danu, Yngona, Bellona, Aida Wedo, Sun Woman

Daily Wisdom
April 2, 2019


“People are always talking about originality; but what do they mean? As soon as we are born, the world begins to work upon us, and this goes on to the end. What can we call our own except energy, strength, and will? If I could give an account of all that I owe to great predecessors and contemporaries, there would be but a small balance in my favor.”

-Goethe (1749-1832)

Some people say that there is nothing original anymore, that it’s all “been done.” But how can that be? There are infinite possibilities out there, even the “same thing” can be done in infinitely different ways. The originality comes from ourselves, and what we bring to the task at hand. We can be inspired from those whose work has come before, but we can never re-create it in exactly the same way.

-Lissa Coffey


Beliefnet: Six Ways Crystal can Change your Life

People have been calling me the Crystal Chick for years. I love crystals and their ability to subtly but profoundly change our energy, health and aura. We use crystals in computers and clocks but they can be very helpful in our personal lives. There are six main areas in which crystals can change your life for the better.

Read more…………………

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