Thought For The Day: May 21, 2021 “The Next Hand”

Happy Friday,

This quote reminds me of the old Kenny Rogers song “The Gambler” which contained some which has some great advice about life. If you have never heard it check it out. Life isn’t always a full house and most times we must make the best of the hand that we are dealt until something better comes along, and it will. Until then work with what you have and don’t be afraid to fold.

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Thought For The Day: Feb. 5, 2018 “Being Cheerful”

Happy Monday,

How difficult is it for people to be cheerful? This is hard for some and easy for others. I have been thinking about this over the last week or so. My mother has dementia.  But even though she rarely knows what day it is, what she’s had to eat, or many of the other things that might make up a normal day she remains unfailingly cheerful. She always tries to make the best of things even though life is no longer what it was. There’s a lesson here. Make the best of what life hands you, because sometimes you just have to. Don’t struggle with things that you have no control over, it’s a waste of time and energy. You will get more from life’s experiences, even when things aren’t so great by simply doing what you can and doing your best with a cheerful attitude.

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