Cat’s Morning Bits for May 21, 2020

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Cat’s Morning Bits for May 21, 2020

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


May Events & Holidays

May 22 New Moon at 10:38 am PST/ 11:38 am MST/ 1:38 pm EST

May 25 Memorial Day (USA)


Sing me a song of idle days,
When Spring is Queen over woods and ways.
-Francis W. Bourdillon (1852-1921)


Spirit Library: Co-Create (a message from Kate Spreckley)

The energy of the planetary alignments and movements is increasing in intensity as we transition from the old and into the new. The energy is moving to significantly shift all of life on Earth creating a catalyst for dramatic and lasting change and transformation.

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ThoughtCo: Gaia, the Embodiment of the Earth

In Greek mythology, Gaia personifies the earth. Her name is of questionable origin, but many scholars agree that it is pre-classical in nature.

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Daily Dream Meaning: Bicycle

1. Dreaming of a bicycle indicates assistance along the road of life.
2. If you were trying to ride uphill, progress will be slow; riding downhill means that your plans will manifest quickly.
3. Pushing the bicycle means that the help you receive will be more trouble than it’s worth.
4. Good weather means steady progress; bad weather means a need for a respite, and for reevaluation.


How To Prep Spell Candles || Witchcraft 101


Today’s DIY: How I Make Sigils (pagan/wiccan)


Elephant Journal: The Perfect Dark Moon Ritual for Cutting Soul Ties with an Ex. {May 22}

According to the witch’s calendar, May’s dark moon in Gemini falls on May 22nd, at 6:38 a.m. UTC.
Venus in retrograde, May 13th to June 25th, opens an interesting portal around relationships and finances.

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MNN: 36 random animal facts that may surprise you

Earth is home to more than 1 million known animal species, each one representing an ancient tome of biological trivia. Much of this random knowledge gets lost in the ether, leaving us to speculate about things like dinosaur divorce rates or amphibian dance moves. But we still catch an awful lot, providing us with plenty of interesting — if not always actionable — facts about our fellow fauna.

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EarthSky News: Mercury, Venus pair up at dusk May 21 and 22

Depending on where you live worldwide, the planets Mercury and Venus will pair up most closely for the year on May 21 or 22, 2020. These two words will pass within one degree of one another on the sky’s dome. Incidentally, one degree is approximately the width of your little finger at an arm length from your eye.


Patheos-Pagan: Working Magic: Uplifting Spell Pouch

Working with my weekly oracle card draw from the Flower Magic oracle deck, this week I drew ‘Bleeding Heart – Sorrow’.

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Pagan Playlist: Lady in Black 


Inner Journey:

Open to the new

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”
— Alvin Toffler

How willing are you to learn something new? How open are you to new perspectives?

When we are open, we are willing to move to places we’ve never been before. We are willing to continually review our belief systems so we can test out new ideas.

Be open to seeing things:
– from another’s point of view,
– from a higher and more inclusive perspective
– with a beginner’s attitude of wonder.
“I am always in quest of being open to what the universe will bring me.”
— Jill Bolte Taylor

A Note from the Universe

When you think a new thought, entertain a new dream, or mentally choose a new goal, your thoughts “leave” you and go out — in every direction — to the farthest corners of the planet. They carry a life force all their own, like ripples created when a pebble is tossed into a pond.

You can’t change this,  but you can totally use the heck out of it.

Think good thoughts,

The Universe

Today’s Recipe: Greek Chicken Skewers

Greek-inspired chicken skewers with lots of flavor! Marinade is also wonderful on grilled vegetables.

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Magical Correspondences for Thursday

Magickal Intentions: Luck, Happiness, Health, Legal Matters, Male Fertility, Treasure and Wealth, Honor, Riches, Clothing Desires, Leadership, Public Activity, Power and Success Incense: Cinnamon, Must, Nutmeg and Sage
Planet: Jupiter
Sign: Sagittarius and Pisces
Angel: Sachiel
Colors: Purple, Royal Blue and Indigo
Herbs/Plants: Cinnamon, Beech, Buttercup, Coltsfoot, Oak
Stones: Sugilite, Amethyst, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire
Oil: (Jupiter) Clove, Lemon Balm, Oakmoss, Star Anise
Jupiter presides over Thursday. The vibrations of this day attune well to all matters involving material gain. Use them for working rituals that entail general success, accomplishment, honors and awards, or legal issues. These energies are also helpful in matters of luck, gambling, and prosperity.

Daily Wisdom
May 21, 2020 
“Few people think more than two or three times a year; I have made an international reputation for myself by thinking once or twice a week.”

-George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

Shaw was a prolific writer, and so funny! He shows us how to laugh at ourselves. It is truly amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it. Whether it is writing plays like Shaw, or theory like Einstein, or music like Mozart – there are examples of brilliant ways to use our minds to create, and to change the world.

-Lissa Coffey


Daily Tarot: The Star

Despite any confusion of the day, you’ll be the calm and serene center of any activities. Your calmness will be contagious, too, so look forward to being surrounded by people who want to cooperate with you and be helpful before being directly asked. Take your calm state of mind into the evening, rest well, and see how much you can take with you into tomorrow.

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