Thought for the Day: May 17, 2017

Happy Wednesday, we’ve made it to the middle of another week!

The rain is coming, we had a brief shower yesterday out of a sunny sky and the scent was a magickal experience. Our resident pair of nesting ravens are out and about this morning and as always they have a lot to say. The male has  a deep gravelly voice and he’s “chuckling” over something his mate has said on her flyby. We have a light breeze, a frontrunner for the storm coming in, the trees are whispering and our big  wind chime is singing to itself. This is one of my favorite times of the day, the world feels reborn, new……..fresh. It’s a calming and peaceful way to start the day. Nature has that effect and if we allow it’s energy to fill us we can start the day in hozro, harmony.