Thought for the Day: August 3, 2017 “No Stress”

Happy Thursday! Is it me or is this week running a bit long? I admit that I am a little stressed……………

Stress affects everyone. It doesn’t care about your gender, race, creed or social standing and it can and will knock you on your butt. We all handle stress differently, anger, anxiety, and sometimes our brain just shuts down. Did you know that we have the ability to control our reaction to stress? Of course you did! But sometimes we get too caught up and forget. It’s in our very nature to try and control or change things. The truth is that there are times that we can’t do either one and it is up to us to recognize the battles that are worth fighting. Show yourself a little self love and step away from the things that you can’t control or change and your entire being will thank you for it!

Daily Thought

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