Thought For The Day: Sept. 25, 2017 ” Blessings”

Happy Monday and welcome to a new week!

It sure feel like fall here and our mountains have even received a little snow. The leaves are changing and the cats are getting their “fat” cold weather fur and want to snuggle more. I love autumn!

Our Thought for the day is just a reminder about blessings. Our lives are filled with them, some we see right away while others suddenly hit us with a ‘WOW! How did that happen?” moment. being able to see the blessings in our lives is really about perspective. Good or bad it colors the way we see things. The key is to not close yourself off (fear and stress can be a big factor). Approach each day with an attitude of wonder and expectancy. Look for the little things, they create bigger things and before you know it you are seeing awesome stuff everywhere!

Daily Thought

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