Thought For The Day: Oct.3, 2017 ” A Proactive Approach”

Happy Monday, welcome to a new week and a new month!

Let’s talk about problems. We all have them and we all have to deal with them one way or the other.  The truth about problems is that quite often we  create our own. We overreact, we wait too long, we don’t wait long enough,  we let others take advantage of us, or we ignore things when they do happen and pretend that they didn’t. If we are proactive about problems quite often we  can nip it before it really gets started. Sometimes it’s necessary to let go (people, things, relationships, etc.)  to put an end to a problem. If that little voice inside says “Let’s take care of this now, BEFORE it bites us in the butt!”, be proactive and handle it. You’ll find that can save yourself a lot of emotional distress, time, and even money. Why is this important? Because it gives you more time to do things that bring you joy instead of aggravation.

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