Sticking With The Plan: Cat’s Angel Message for January 2 , 2018  

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Sticking With The Plan: Cat’s Angel Message for January 2 , 2018  

January’s Theme: Focus on dreams and goals not your fears or past happenings. Thoughts manifest into reality and through positive focus we lessen the power of the things we fear.

Setting a goal is not the main thing.It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.

Tom Landry

12: The new year offers blessings galore to those who are willing to help make things happen. A large part of this involves growth. In order to grow and create the life we desire we must have faith and courage in the Universe as well as in ourselves. The first week of the new year is a great time to set your intentions for what you want to accomplish. These intention are like seeds. Plant them early and begin the nurturing process that which will begin to “sprout” at Imbolc (Feb. 2). Remember to keep your intentions realistic as this will make it easier to accomplish what you want and to keep building from there. Baby steps are important in the overall process of creation as they insure that everything is in place and that you are ready for the next step. Today our Angels are letting us know that the wheels are turning and things are happening behind the scenes. Ask for assistance or direction when you need it and above all stay optimistic and focused on the best possible outcome.

Archangel Michael is our go to angel today. He helps us to find our courage and boosts our self esteem so that we can move forward with confidence. Ascended Masters like Jesus and Moses can help to strengthen our faith and the Hawaiian goddess Pele helps us to set realistic goals and how to prioritize them to our best advantage. Our Sacred Stones for today are:

Mahogany Obsidian is a gentle stone that  keeps us grounded and protects as it helps to eliminate energy blocks, it also promotes growth on all levels.

Rutilated Quartz brings spiritual growth and cleans / energizes the aura. This is an important factor for our personal creation process.

Carnelian is a creative stone that keeps us in the present and brings motivation and creative thinking which can help us in setting and prioritizing our goals.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!


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