What Have You Outgrown?: Cat’s Angel Message for March 5, 2018 

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What Have You Outgrown?: Cat’s Angel Message for March 5, 2018 

 March Theme:  This month guidance is coming from the Ascended Masters. Find what defines you and use it to inspire others. Free your creative side and share your ideas and gifts.

Well-being is making its way to you at all times.
If you will relax and find a way to allow it,
it will be your experience.
– Abraham (Esther Hicks)

35: Spring cleaning comes in all forms and the Ascended Masters are offering their assistance today in this process.  Taking care of ourselves is a good thing, it helps us ground, center and get back on track. It can also help us to pinpoint things that we have outgrown or no longer brings us joy. The clearing away of what we have outgrown play an important role in our self care and is essential to our overall well being. it helps us to re-energize and increases our spiritual and personal awareness and power. You do not need to do it all at once. Start small because even the little things can create more personal freedom to find new things that make our hearts sing!

The Ascended Master Maitreya (aka Laughing Buddha) promotes laughter, joy and peace. His joyful spirit helps us to see the things that truly bring us happiness and let go of what does not. The Chinese Goddess Kuan Yin promotes self care, love and kindness. She teaches us that it is through these things that we are able to do what is ultimately best for us.

  Treat yourself to an emotional bubble bath with Rose Quartz. This softly colored stone is the essence of love and self care. It works with the heart chakra and helps us to release unexpressed emotions as it promotes self acceptance, trust and worth which are necessary to the “Spring cleaning” process.


Bright blessings for a magickal day!


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